In A Blink of an Eye

January 23rd 2012 a single girl arrived in Uptown Minnesota.  I drove here with my dad not knowing anyone but ready to take on a new challenge.   My challenge was a new job and to take on the world of television but 9 months in my new world changed.  My sister went behind my back and started an online profile for me.  I thought, why not?  I was in a new place, why not meet some new people? I went on a couple miserable dates and decided this sucks, I’m done!  Before I got off I let me take one last look and decided to set up a date with a guy that looked cute and seemed interesting! That guy is now my husband.  Our first date was 5 hours long and we covered everything.  I was my typical self letting him know not to get attached because I don’t commit… well I was wrong!

Where it all started with my little nugget!

Fast forward, this August we celebrated 5 years of dating with our daughter at the place where it all started!  I’m so lucky to have found my forever and this crazy thing called life is so much more fun with these 2 by my side.  One of the many things I love about my husband is that he is the romantic one.  The one that remembers the dates of all the mile stones and he loves to celebrate them no matter how small.  After we had our daughter he made it very clear that he was still so excited to keep dating me.

Delia is not so sure about the guy taking out picture!


Now for what we are wearing… I’m wearing a dress I just got from Stitchfix, shoes are my wedding shoes from JustFab, necklace is Tory Burch, earrings are Stella and Dot.

Delia is wearing hand-me-downs from her cousin Sophia and her sparkly shoes are TOMS.

Josh is wearing a Hammermade shirt, a favorite Minnesota based company that he gets a lot of his dress shirts from.   Jeans are from Old Navy and his shoes are also his wedding shoes that he got from DSW.


And we’re living happily ever after!

My loves!


The Inside Scoop: Macy’s Jewelry Event

Macys Ridgedale is having a party and it is getting fancy!

iberjoya logo

On Wednesday, July 12th  from 11am – 7pm in Macy’s fine jewelry department they’re showing off some seriously beautiful diamonds.  It is only for one day they will show off these one of a kind diamonds that have never been carried at Macy’s before.  This a great event to shop for weddings, push presents, a special birthday or the holidays aren’t too far away; start checking off the list now!

While you are shopping the bling grab a glass of bubbly and meet Macy’s Personal Shoppers.  That’s right, Macy’s has wonderful personal shoppers!!  (I’ll have more on that in a separate post).

You know this girl LOVES a deal… make an appoint with a personal shopper and you’ll get an additional 20% off already discounted pieces

Now let’s look at some diamonds!


ring  necklaceearrings

Walking Down The Aisle

It only seemed fit that the first closet I explore is my own.  The In Their Shoes portion of this blog will feature how people organize their shoes and they’ll pick out the most important shoe or shoes in their closet.  So, let’s head into my closet!

First, I love to organize my shoes!  I probably organize them about once a month. Then every six months I’ll to a complete change. I do this because I keep adding shoes!  I like to see my shoes, that means no boxes allowed; they’re a wearable collection!  I recently took my shoes out of the closet and moved them to shoe racks.  I got these beautiful and durable shoe racks from crate and barrel. I love them because they aren’t eye sores like some storage solutions can sometimes be.  My key to organized success is color coding… I’ll then know when a shoe is missing.


shoes before


   all shoes                    shoes after

My favorite pair of shoes you ask? Easy answer… my wedding shoes.  Being obsessed with shoes it was important I picked the perfect pair.  The pair was these cobalt blue pair from (yes, they only cost me 39.95).  My husband is from Minnetonka, Minnesota and loves his Minnetonka blue (go Skippers) so when I saw these I knew that I had to have them.



Now whenever I see them I think of our beautiful wedding day in September. I wanted that wow factor, so I took my time finding that perfect pair.  Some brides have a dress change in true shoe obsession, I had a shoe change.  After the ceremony I changed from my Minnetonka Blue shoes to my favorite color purple.


They were a simple pair that was perfect for dancing! I also bought these on  Yes, you’ve done the math right! I spent less than $80 on my wedding shoes!  But it’s not about how much I spent (I do love a deal though) it’s about the memories I made in them wearing them.