My First Fix

Being pregnant comes with all sorts of challenges.  In the grand picture of pregnancy, a minor problem that occurs daily is getting dressed.  It has been difficult to learn how to put together an outfit for my new body.  A body that I am proud of with every kick of my amazing baby girl.  So, how do I dress myself with that pride?  I can tell you that heading out to the mall and trying on clothes in a dressing room sounds horrible.  I felt defeated in an area I truly love, CLOTHES!


Then I heard that Stitch Fix has maternity clothes!!  I can get a box  delivered to my front door and try clothes on in the privacy of my own home, all for $20.  I’ve signed up for once a month but you can choose how often you want to receive clothes and it’ll be $20 for each fix.


After I filled out a style profile to let the stylist know what I’m looking for I scheduled my first fix delivery.

Open PKG

I loved opening up the package and getting a note from the stylist to explain everything.

Full layout

The inspiration that comes with the letter helps remind me what I already have in my closet and gets me excited about the potential outfits I can create! Something I haven’t felt in awhile.

Now it’s time to try the outfits on! I thought I should treat this like a dressing room and only show you the outfits I like? NO! I’m going to show you what looks good and not so great.

First I tried out the Liverpool maternity jeans with the Hattan knit top.

Let’s start with the jeans.  I NEVER WANT TO TAKE THEM OFF! Yes, I’m yelling at you because that is my exact reaction when I showed my husband. They feel like pajama bottoms and they don’t give you the maternity jean saggy booty. My first fix is off to a great start.  These are $78 which is the most I’ve ever spent on jeans but I knew they would be worth it.

Now for the top {$54}.  I always think I’m going to wear a shirt like this and then it sits in my closet. I liked it, a simple top that fit me well but I just didn’t love it. In the maybe pile it went.


Next top, the Aldrich knit top {$48}.  Look at that sassy back!  I like this one but wish there was more going on in the front.  The fit was great and it was comfortable! Off to the maybe pile.

Last top, Pennellas knit top {$48}. Wow, is this a comfy shirt!  I just fell in love with it when I put it on. With the most comfy jeans ever and this top I felt so so comfortable.  I like that this wasn’t a plain or a floral top which I feel like are the only options sometimes with maternity clothing. This is going in the yes pile!

I had to take off my new favorite outfit and try on the Tahj Maternity Jersey Maxi dress {$78}.  Being pregnant in the summer I’m sure you’ll see me in maxi dresses… a lot. Before I put the dress on I thought I would love it, just a reminder to always try things on. When I looked in the mirror I didn’t love it on me.  The top fit me a little strange and the pattern on the bottom wasn’t super flattering on me.  This is heading into the no pile.



I’ve tried everything on and it’s time to go to my account and let them know what I’ll be keeping. I decided to take my maybe pile and transfer them into the no pile.  I didn’t have the budget to just buy for fun and I want to make sure I can buy everything I love each month.  What I’m not keeping goes into a pre-paid envelope and my yes pile heads straight into my closet. Grand total… $106!

Want to learn more about Stitch Fix?  Click here!


Stop the Flop

It’s a summer shoe staple… flip flops.

Flip Flops

They are the first shoes taken out when the seasons turn from snow filled winters to sunshine springs.  They serve their purpose of an easy slip on shoe but these days there is no reason to be wearing them.  As my mom, the flip flop queen, reads this I know she’s going to be disappointed

but this is for all you flip flop lovers… PUT THEM AWAY! It’s time to dress up those feet for summer with comfortable, supportive and stylish sandals.

I went to 3 Minnesota Boutiques to pick out some of my favorite sandal styles!

Let’s start at Primp Boutique:  Primp Exterior

The Primp location I usually shop at is located in Excelsior but each of their 6 spots have a special inventory of clothes, accessories and of course shoes.

These 2 sandals that I picked up are great because you can wear them with anything… they are casual and neutral!


These are from the Qupid shoe line and are $22 from Primp.  They are perfect for a more casual look, easy to put on as you run out for errands.  They totally fulfill the purpose of a flip flop but have a lot more style to them.


These are Bamboo sandals and are $20 from Primp.  These have much more of a Tory Burch look to them and resemble flip flops but with an ankle strap added.  The gold accent and the pink tone will be easier to dress up for your night out on the town.

Next stop, Corset Style and Fashion Boutique:

corset styling

Corset is located in Edina on France Ave.  What I love about Corset is that it’s not just a boutique that has amazing clothing, shoes & accessories but you can also hire them for many other styling service… for example you can have a professional stylist go through your closet and create new outfits for you. AMAZING!

Of course when I’m in there I gravitate to the shoes before anything else!


These gold sandals were a hit as soon as I brought them into my office!  They are the same style of a flip flop but the gold details with the strap is key for dressing up the flip flop style.  These nicole shoes are so great for summer with a pair of shorts or a sassy maxi.  DEAL ALERT: Head into Corset and mention Twin Cities Live now through Saturday, July 11th you’ll get them for $19.


These Madeline sandals are the closest thing to flip flops that you’ll see me in this summer.  These are definitely an upgrade with the think straps, the silver color and even adding detail on how the strap attaches to the shoes.  Again, this is flip flops older, more mature and fashionable sister. DEAL ALERT: Head into Corset and mention Twin Cities Live now through Saturday, July 11th you’ll get them for $19.

Last stop in my Twin Cities sandal shopping is a new boutique called Merilou.


Merilou opened in October of last year in the heart of downtown Wayzata.  They have a store full of unique clothing, jewelry and even some funny greeting cards. I heard about them from Minneapolis St. Paul Magazine’s Shopping Editor, Allison Kaplan, with the recommendation to head there for their shoes. I’m so glad I did!


These Schutz gladiators is a great example of taking sandals to the next level.  I love that these sandals elongate your legs without having to wear heels.  This style is not going anywhere so you should totally pick up a pair. These are $200.  Plus, I love how gladiators add texture to an outfit.

sam eldaman

Sam Edelman is a new shoe line to me and I’m starting to get into some trouble on their website!!  Although simple, these sandals could be a staple in your closet.  I love that there isn’t a ton of detail and for that reason that they’ll go with everything.  These are priced at $70.


Ankle straps and no thongs is something you’re going to be seeing more of in store.  These metallic Joie sandals are so on trend!!  I can imagine these with white shorts, sassy shirt and some really fun metallic accessories.  You can get these for $275 at Merilou and I have to say it would be a good investment… this trend isn’t going anywhere.

I hope you enjoyed my sandal shopping adventure!!

Be sure to go out and have a happy shoe day!

I got to share my picks on Twin Cities Live!