Cha- Cha- Cha- Changes

Okay, now try and get that song out you of your head!  Life is full of changes and sometimes you simply can’t fight it. It’s with a heavy heart that I’m announcing I’m no longer going to be selling shoes.

We're Closing

Happy Shoe Day is going back to its original glory!  Back to where I search for fabulous shoes and show off how a pair of shoes can complete an outfit.

What does that mean for the Happy Shoe Day Shoe Store?  Shoes won’t be available for sale on the site.  Being a full-time mom, working part time and starting my own consulting firm I simply don’t have the time and energy to also own an online shoe store.  Its been a hard decision to close this part of Happy Shoe Day but its what is best for my family and my sanity.

Searching for a positive in all of this, I’m looking forward to going into a shoe store and shopping!!!  Instead of checking out their inventory and wondering how my little shop can keep up.  Also, I no longer will feel guilty buying shoes when I have a basement full of shoes.  Not sure our bank account is happy about that part.

Happy Shoe Day, the blog, isn’t going anywhere.  I’ll be posting more about trends, fabulous finds and even featuring some baby shoes too.

Everything Must Go!

Where do we go from here?!  Well, I need ALL of the shoes that are in my basement to GET OUT!  I’ve updated the shop to the lowest prices possible.  What you see is what you get… all available sizes are there.  Minnesota peeps: check out the shop and then e-mail (or text) me with your order.  This way I can just drop them off and we don’t have to worry about shipping.

I want to thank everyone for supporting this venture.  What a dream come true to have owned my own shoe store.  I’m sad to see the shoes go but excited to see what the future holds.

Happy Shoe Day CLosing Party

And because I always love a reason to shop, see friends and enjoy a class of bubbly I’m going to have my final shoe party.  Come to the Happy Shoe Day Headquarters and shop the rest of the inventory.  The Style Trolley will be here to help complete the outfits with beautiful pieces.

Details: Sunday, July 23rd from 2-6 pm. 4860 Highcrest Dr, Excelsior, MN.  E-mail me at if you’re interested in stopping by.  Would love to see you!


Have a happy shoe day!

Shoe Report: 3/16/15 – 3/20/15

It’s a week full of clothes that depended on the mood I was in… enjoy!  And don’t miss a post by following my blog below!

Monday, March 16th: 


Shoes: I went for my version of flats… wedges this Monday.  I got these beauties at Marshall’s for a friends wedding that was outside.  I couldn’t wear pumps so I bought these.  Another fun fact about these shoes; since I mainly own pumps I used these for our engagement photos to write the date at the bottom.

Here’s that picture:

Maggie & Josh 85

This picture was taken by an amazing photographer Tiffany Kokal.  Check out her website!


Outfit: This is such a comfy Monday outfit!  These are my oh so comfy Silver jeans paired with a floral top and sweater from Target.  This look is very fall but I convinced myself since there are flowers on my shirt that I call that Spring.

Tuesday, March 17th (Happy St. Patrick’s Day)


Shoes: These emerald green beauties I got for about $7 from an outlet store that is sadly close.  I love these!  Green isn’t a huge color in my closet but I would say I fit these into an outfit at least a couple times a year!


Outfit: I went for the two tone green look with the emerald green shoes and this spring green top.  The top is from Primp boutique, a Minnesota based boutique but you can also shop online.  The white pants that I’ve fallen in love with is from H&M.  And my new favorite blazer is from MODE, they have a boutique in Roseville, MN check out their other locations here.

Wednesday, March 18th 


Shoes: HELLO LOVER!! Spring is coming (I mean, it is coming isn’t it?!) and I’ll have to put the boots away soon!  I had to get one more sassy outfit in with these over the knee gray boots that are


Outfit:  This outfit screams fall but I thought its still sassy and I went with it!  The pants are from MODE is Roseville and the sweater I found when cleaning my room (yes, my closet is a room).  I got it last fall at Target.

Thursday, March 19th


Shoes: These are more than just shoes they are weapons!!  I got these years ago and I honestly don’t remember where.  I can’t wear them too often because when I walk too fast I kick myself and end up bleeding.  What ladies do for fashion! I do love these though, so spunky!


Outfit: For this outfit what I did was folded my cardigan (that I got from Target) over the dress (that I got from Primp). Then added the belt so it looked like this is out the outfit was suppose to go.  I got this idea from Primp last summer and I just love it! The belt and leggings are also from Target.

Friday, March 20th:


Shoes: There’s bows on my booties!  That detail adds such a feminine touch to an out! I got these beauties from and wear them as much as I can!


Outfit: Go Gopher’s (hockey)! In honor of the Big Ten Tourney for men’s college hockey I’m rocking my maroon and gold. This beautiful dress (and SO comfortable) is from LulaRoe.  Its a clothing line from California that is sold with pop-up shops!  I’m excited to have a spring party next Thursday.  Let me know if you live in Minnesota and want to have a party of your own!

Thanks for coming by to check out my outfits.  Have a happy shoe day! 

The Shoe Report: 1/26/14 – 1/30/14

What a week!!  Some boots, booties and sassy heels got me through the week.  One quick favor to ask you, when you’re done reading the shoe report, I would love for you to follow my back (its at the bottom of my page).  This way you can get an e-mail every time I write a new post.  THANKS!

Now let’s talk shoes…

Monday, January 26th:

monday shoes

Shoes: These beautiful boots are from Arc’s Value Village.  It’s a Minnesota based consignment store that has 5 locations around the metro.  Best part about these boots- Michelle, the lead personal stylist, and I had a session where a row of shoes were waiting for me to decide which ones are going to be a part of my collection.   These are Aerosoles that were originally $120 and I got them for $25.49.

monday outfit

Outfit: The sweater is another Arc’s Value Village find, it was $9.99.  The tank is from LEN and this was on super clearance for $2.50.  Can you tell I love a deal?  The jeans are my go-to jeans from Target… the curvy fit!

Here’s the look on the set of Twin Cities Live!

Arc Look

Tuesday, January 27th: 

tuesday shoesShoes: I haven’t pulled these out of my closet in so long.  I almost forgot how much I love them!!  These beauties are from and really need to wear them more.

tuesday outfitOutfit: For me on this Tuesday was all about black and white!  Sometimes you just have to keep it simple right?!  The blazer is from Primp.  The jeans are from Silver, the white tank is from Target and scarf is a hand-me-down from my mother-in-law.

I wasn’t the only one that was feeling the black and white look! Emily Engberg, Reporter of Twin Cities Live also got the memo!

me and emily

Wednesday, January 28th: 

Monday Shoes

Shoes: My beautiful red boots.  I got these beauties from and they immediately became a staple in my closet and I always decide to wear these should and then build the outfit around them.

wednesday outfit

Outfit: The dress is from Old Navy, the leggings is from of course Target and the scarf is from my mom’s closet.

Thursday, January 29th: 

Thursday Shoes

Shoes: Another classic from that really can go with anything.  These beige shoe with the black accents and black here add some serious sass to the look.  Make a boring beige shoe into something you excited about wearing.

Thursday OutfitOutfit: I was all business!!  The tank top, which is in the picture but is the same color as my floor, is from Target.  The Pants are from Kohl’s and the jacket is from CAbi.

Friday, January 30th: 

Thursday shoes

Shoes: These are also new additions to the the collection and I picked them up from Primp. They were a part of a special Shoe Report where I styled 5 outfits around 5 pairs of my favorite shoes.  Click here to check it out!

Friday Outfit

Outfit: The sweater is another great find from personal stylist, Michelle, at Arc’s Value Village.  This was only $9.99 and its SO comfy and cozy.  I paired it with my curvy fit jeans from Target.

Thanks for coming to check out this weeks Shoe Report!  Have a happy shoe day!

Shoe Report: Primp Boutique Edition!

Primp Exterior

This Shoe Report will be a tad different than most.  I recently had the amazing opportunity to work with one of my favorite boutiques, Primp, which is a Minnesota based boutique that is perfectly branded as “Cheap. Chic. Boutique.”  I got to style 5 outfits around 5 of my favorite shoes in the store, basically heaven on earth!

Now take a look at the shoes and outfits I styled and for me it was all about the bootie (as it usually is these days).

Outfit 1: The Monday Look 

Shoes: Are you surprised that I picked these?  I already own them and I LOVE them.  You can wear them with so many different looks and they’re easy to clean if you wear them outside in the winter.  These are $48 with only a limited supply remaining so if you want them added to your collection be sure and head to the Primp nearest you right away (once you’re done reading this post obviously).  shoes look 1Outfit: And now for the outfit I paired with these booties…

Look 1

If you wore this outfit on a Monday it would kick your week off right!!  The scarf ($16) has great details to help add some color to the neutral look. I accessorized with a bracelet ($14) and ring ($12) to bring out the blues in the scarf.  The neutral top ($52) and booties are perfect together and to complete the look the washed out jeans that are $76 and beautiful.

Take a closer look at the accessories:

accessories look 1

Outfit 2: The cozy look 

Shoes: These are such a great neutral bootie that can be paired with anything.  I love the style of these!!  They can totally dress up an outfit for sure but the heel height is reasonable.  I also love that you can pair anything with them and they cost $46.

Shoe side look 2 Shoes front Look 2

Outfit: Now for what I paired with these beauties!

Look 2

The pants ($28), that are 2 toned, along with the booties really dress the look up. The cardigan ($46) has some great colors in it and the top underneath ($38) is a great staple piece. I added a necklace at $16 (sorry, I didn’t take a close up) that is the same exact blue in the cardigan.  I’m a huge fan of having a statement piece within the outfit (which is the cardigan) and using other pieces to really show how great that statement piece is.

Outfit 3: Date Night Chic 

Shoes: These black booties are so hot!  It’s tough not to sass them out with a really fun outfit! I love the details of these and just how sleek they still look.

shoes look 3

Outfit: Now for the sassy outfit that goes with these beautiful booties.

look 3

I love this look!  I can absolutely see myself put it on for a date night with the hubby and is perfect for your Valentines Day plans.  The skirt ($32) is a great shade of red and doesn’t matter if you’re short or tall would look great on! I paired it with this white top with black circles and just love the texture it adds to the look.  The top is $46 and can be worn with either black pants or jeans… I saw so much potential in this top I added to my closet! (What?! Was I suppose to style these outfits and not buy anything? I don’t think so!)

Outfit 4: Think Spring 

Shoes: These beige booties ($42) are so beautiful I now own them. I’m loving the faux zipper on the outside of the boot plus the way they fold down.  These are perfect to pair with skinny pants or a dress.

look 4 shoes

Outfit: Look at this awesome dress that goes with these beige beauties.

look 4

For me this screams spring and who isn’t itching for some color back in our wardrobe?  I’m loving the color of the dress ($56) and the sleeve length is still realistic for a Minnesota winter.  The scarf ($16) lightens the look up and the beige in the scarf helps bring the boots to center stage.

Outfit 5: Sunday Funday 

Shoes: For this look I took a break from the booties and did a classic black boot look.  Every girl needs a classic black boot ($32) in their closet!Look 5 boots

Outfit: Now for the fun outfit to go with these black boots.

Look 5

My favorite part about this outfit is the white Minnesota shirt ($34).  They have many different styles of these with all different Minnesota sayings. If you’re Minnesota proud you should have it in your closet.  It pairs with a black crochet sweater ($42), which happens to be sooo comfy.  Add a little funk with those grey jeans ($68), which makes those black boots pop!  Accessorize with a silver bracelet ($14) and necklace ($16), and you are all set.

Accessories look 5

Take a closer look at the necklace… I love it and you could really wear it with so much!

primp interior

I hope you’ve enjoyed my Primp edition of the Shoe Report!  Be sure to head in there soon to pick up these looks and remember support local business!  Thanks to Jasmine, a stylist at their Excelsior location, for modeling these looks for me.

Have a happy shoe day!!