In A Blink of an Eye

January 23rd 2012 a single girl arrived in Uptown Minnesota.  I drove here with my dad not knowing anyone but ready to take on a new challenge.   My challenge was a new job and to take on the world of television but 9 months in my new world changed.  My sister went behind my back and started an online profile for me.  I thought, why not?  I was in a new place, why not meet some new people? I went on a couple miserable dates and decided this sucks, I’m done!  Before I got off I let me take one last look and decided to set up a date with a guy that looked cute and seemed interesting! That guy is now my husband.  Our first date was 5 hours long and we covered everything.  I was my typical self letting him know not to get attached because I don’t commit… well I was wrong!

Where it all started with my little nugget!

Fast forward, this August we celebrated 5 years of dating with our daughter at the place where it all started!  I’m so lucky to have found my forever and this crazy thing called life is so much more fun with these 2 by my side.  One of the many things I love about my husband is that he is the romantic one.  The one that remembers the dates of all the mile stones and he loves to celebrate them no matter how small.  After we had our daughter he made it very clear that he was still so excited to keep dating me.

Delia is not so sure about the guy taking out picture!


Now for what we are wearing… I’m wearing a dress I just got from Stitchfix, shoes are my wedding shoes from JustFab, necklace is Tory Burch, earrings are Stella and Dot.

Delia is wearing hand-me-downs from her cousin Sophia and her sparkly shoes are TOMS.

Josh is wearing a Hammermade shirt, a favorite Minnesota based company that he gets a lot of his dress shirts from.   Jeans are from Old Navy and his shoes are also his wedding shoes that he got from DSW.


And we’re living happily ever after!

My loves!


Shoe Shopping Like a Pro

This is not going to come as a surprise to you but shopping for shoes is one of my favorite things to do.  So much so I started an online boutique so I can shop for shoes for my readers. of course has the best shoes online (I know, I’m biased). Besides my own online boutique there are 3 places that I head first to find a new pair for my collection.

  1. an online shoe club.


I love this site because there is a wide variety of shoes that don’t break the bank.  You sign up and create an online profile.  Then every month a personal stylist picks shoes for you to choose from for just $39.95.  A great added bonus, it’s not just shoes.  Don’t think you need to add another pair to your collection? They also have clothes, bags, jewelry and more.  I own a couple of purses and outfits from them.  I love the fit! Before Happy Shoe Day sold shoes is where most of my shoes came from.


2. DSW: Designer Shoe Warehouse


Walking into DSW is very much an overwhelming moment for me. So many options! My game plan- head straight back to the clearance section and start at the beginning.  I do the same thing online too.  You can buy amazing shoes for as much as 60% off.

3. Marshalls


This one you have to physically walk into the store but it’s absolutely worth it. This is another clearance section that is unstoppable.  Head to your size and just sit back and decide which pair you want to take home.  You can get designer shoes for less than $20.  The best deal I’ve found here was a pair of Jessica Simpsons for $5.  I was flying high that day!


I’d be a fool if I didn’t remind you that is full of great shoes that won’t cost you a lot.  My most expensive pair are boots for $45. My goal is for you to be able to have shoes that you can treat as accessories.

Where is your favorite place to shop for shoes?

Have a  happy shoe day!





Happy Shoe Day: Online Store

I’m so excited to announce that Happy Shoe Day is officially offering shoes!

One of the most frequently asked questions I get is, “can you buy shoes for me?”.  Finally the answer is YES!  I will have a small online boutique for you with the seasons hottest shoes.  I will always be adding new shoes to the boutique and will include them in my blog posts.  I’m starting with five pairs for fall. Let me introduce you to them…


These were the first ones I ordered for my online boutique. I’m in love with the tan booties with black faux leather detail.  These could dress up a pair of skinny jeans or even add a some edge to a dress. It’s all about taking the bootie to the next level! {$40}

Next are these great wedge tan booties.  An added benefit to these stylish booties are that they will carry you through some nasty weather because the bottoms are made for winter.  These scream weekend and will become a staple in your wardrobe. {$35}

Hello classic beauty!  Cut out booties are everywhere this fall.  How could I resist this neutral one.  These are perfect for the office with a pencil skirt and blouse or a sassy dress for date night. {$35}


It’s no secret that fringe is a huge fall trend but it’s not for everyone.  These booties are a perfect way to wear the trend without going over the top.  How perfect would these be with a pair of skinny jeans and a graphic t-shirt. {$35}

Time to get sassy!  I’m helping you take your boot game up a notch with these knee high boots. Here you’re diving into the fringe trend a little bit more but not going over the top.  I love that these aren’t too much but add some personality to your look. {$45}

Be sure you check back to see how I style my outfit with shoes and what other shoes I add to the boutique.

Looking for more fall shoe trends?  Check out the segment I did on Twin Cities Live.

Have a Happy Shoe Day!

Best of March 2015

March has gone by so quickly this year!  It was a month of crazy weather.  In the beginning we we’re up to the 70’s and then we had a snow storm and temps in the 40’s. Let’s take a look back at some of my favorite outfits from March?  Do you agree or is there an outfit I missing on the list? Can’t wait to hear from you!

Tuesday, March 10th: 

Tuesday Shoe

Shoes: The simple yet sassy black pumps are from Aldo and a birthday present from a dear friend.  I love that these are classic black but with beautiful detail with the angled front.

Tuesday Outfit

Outfit: This was such a fun outfit for me. These high-waist wide leg pants are from a boutique in Minneapolis that has sadly closed.  I don’t wear these much but when I do they add such a statement to the outfit.  The green blouse and blazer is from another local boutique here in Minnesota, Primp.

Wednesday, March 18th 


Shoes: HELLO LOVER!! Spring is coming (I mean, it is coming isn’t it?!) and I’ll have to put the boots away soon!  I had to get one more sassy outfit in with these over the knee gray boots that are


Outfit:  This outfit screams fall but I thought its still sassy and I went with it!  The pants are from MODE is Roseville and the sweater I found when cleaning my room (yes, my closet is a room).  I got it last fall at Target.

Thursday, March 19th


Shoes: These are more than just shoes they are weapons!!  I got these years ago and I honestly don’t remember where.  I can’t wear them too often because when I walk too fast I kick myself and end up bleeding.  What ladies do for fashion! I do love these though, so spunky!


Outfit: For this outfit what I did was folded my cardigan (that I got from Target) over the dress (that I got from Primp). Then added the belt so it looked like this is out the outfit was suppose to go.  I got this idea from Primp last summer and I just love it! The belt and leggings are also from Target.

Wednesday, March 25th 

Wednesday's Shoes

Shoes: NEW SHOES ALERT!!! I’ve been waiting to find a pair of beautiful floral pumps.  I love the the background color is black with bright floral color.  I just got these in the mail from


Outfit: This was a fun outfit for me to put together. I’m ready for nice weather so I decided to go with a bold color tight that I got from Target.  The dress is also from Target and is extremely comfortable.  I always love putting a dress on because putting the outfit together is so quick and easy.

Thursday, March 26th


Shoes: I have a confession… The heels of these shoes are starting to fade a little so as a embarrassed mom I’m just showing you the pretty part.  With my neon themed outfit I just had to wear these.  I got them from a outlet store than is no longer in business.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE these shoes!

THURSDAY OUTFITOutfit: All about the neon! I love my LulaRoe skirt and with the neon yellow detail I had to pair it with other neon clothes. The tank is from Target and the blazer is from Primp!  If you want to have a LulaRoe party send me a message for more information.

I hope I’ve inspired you with this walk down memory lane!  Don’t miss a post… be sure to follow Happy Shoe Day!! and as always have a Happy Shoe Day!

Shoe Report: 3/16/15 – 3/20/15

It’s a week full of clothes that depended on the mood I was in… enjoy!  And don’t miss a post by following my blog below!

Monday, March 16th: 


Shoes: I went for my version of flats… wedges this Monday.  I got these beauties at Marshall’s for a friends wedding that was outside.  I couldn’t wear pumps so I bought these.  Another fun fact about these shoes; since I mainly own pumps I used these for our engagement photos to write the date at the bottom.

Here’s that picture:

Maggie & Josh 85

This picture was taken by an amazing photographer Tiffany Kokal.  Check out her website!


Outfit: This is such a comfy Monday outfit!  These are my oh so comfy Silver jeans paired with a floral top and sweater from Target.  This look is very fall but I convinced myself since there are flowers on my shirt that I call that Spring.

Tuesday, March 17th (Happy St. Patrick’s Day)


Shoes: These emerald green beauties I got for about $7 from an outlet store that is sadly close.  I love these!  Green isn’t a huge color in my closet but I would say I fit these into an outfit at least a couple times a year!


Outfit: I went for the two tone green look with the emerald green shoes and this spring green top.  The top is from Primp boutique, a Minnesota based boutique but you can also shop online.  The white pants that I’ve fallen in love with is from H&M.  And my new favorite blazer is from MODE, they have a boutique in Roseville, MN check out their other locations here.

Wednesday, March 18th 


Shoes: HELLO LOVER!! Spring is coming (I mean, it is coming isn’t it?!) and I’ll have to put the boots away soon!  I had to get one more sassy outfit in with these over the knee gray boots that are


Outfit:  This outfit screams fall but I thought its still sassy and I went with it!  The pants are from MODE is Roseville and the sweater I found when cleaning my room (yes, my closet is a room).  I got it last fall at Target.

Thursday, March 19th


Shoes: These are more than just shoes they are weapons!!  I got these years ago and I honestly don’t remember where.  I can’t wear them too often because when I walk too fast I kick myself and end up bleeding.  What ladies do for fashion! I do love these though, so spunky!


Outfit: For this outfit what I did was folded my cardigan (that I got from Target) over the dress (that I got from Primp). Then added the belt so it looked like this is out the outfit was suppose to go.  I got this idea from Primp last summer and I just love it! The belt and leggings are also from Target.

Friday, March 20th:


Shoes: There’s bows on my booties!  That detail adds such a feminine touch to an out! I got these beauties from and wear them as much as I can!


Outfit: Go Gopher’s (hockey)! In honor of the Big Ten Tourney for men’s college hockey I’m rocking my maroon and gold. This beautiful dress (and SO comfortable) is from LulaRoe.  Its a clothing line from California that is sold with pop-up shops!  I’m excited to have a spring party next Thursday.  Let me know if you live in Minnesota and want to have a party of your own!

Thanks for coming by to check out my outfits.  Have a happy shoe day! 

Shoe Report: 3/9/15 – 3/13/15

There’s a heat wave here in Minnesota! In honor of the sun shinning and the snow melting this week I added a pop of color in each outfit.  Check it out…

Monday, March 9th:

Monday ShoesShoes: Clearly, the pop of color wasn’t in the shoes for this outfit.  These are from Charlotte Russe many year ago and they’re the only brown shoes I own and I’ve never felt like I needed to own another pair.

Mondays Outfit

Outfit: Can you see that blob of orange? That’s a very comfy sweater from Old Navy and such a fun color.  The jeans are from I had a case of the Mondays for this outfit, I kept it very simple.

Tuesday, March 10th: 

Tuesday Shoe

Shoes: The simple yet sassy black pumps are from Aldo and a birthday present from a dear friend.  I love that these are classic black but with beautiful detail with the angled front.

Tuesday Outfit

Outfit: This was such a fun outfit for me.  I left like I needed to get back my fashion blogger “cred” after Monday’s outfit. These high-waist wide leg pants are from a boutique in Minneapolis that has sadly closed.  I don’t wear these much but when I do they add such a statement to the outfit.  The green blouse and blazer is from another local boutique here in Minnesota, Primp.

Wednesday, March 11th: 

Wednesday Shoes

Shoes: DEAL ALERT: I got these beautiful blue shoes in the clearance section of Optiz Outlet for only $5.  These are so comfortable and adds a fun pop of color to an outfit.

Wednesday Outfit

Outfit: I decided to mix prints with this outfit.  It’s a personal challenge to start mixing prints at least once a week and this is that outfit. I love this dress… it’s a LulaRoe!  What I love about LulaRoe is that you can have parties but instead of a long speech in the beginning its simply a pop-up shop.  You go shopping and bring home what you want that night.  If you want to have a party contact Kate Castleberry at  I’m having a party at the end of March and can’t wait to show you what I buy!  And last the belt is from Target.

I rocked this outfit on Twin Cities Live for our Producer Pick: Fish Edition… check it out!

Thursday, March 12th:

Thursday Shoes

Shoes: Hot pink… I love to use these as a pop of color instead of the classic red, especially in the spring.  I got these beauties from!  

Thursday outfit

Outfit: Such a comfortable outfit!! I totally dressed it up with the shoes and kept the colors simple so those hot pink shoes could pop!  The jeans are my go-to Silver jeans that I love! The tank top is from Target (of course). And now for the most comfortable blazer ever! I got this at MODE in Roseville (Minnesota).  I love this boutique because it has such amazing clothes and jeans for very reasonable prices.

Friday, March 13th:

thursday shoes

Shoes: It’s not warm enough yet to get rid of the booties!  These purple Madden Girl are from Arc Value Village… such a great find!  I love Arc’s Value Village because you get amazing clothes and you can even make an appointment with their personal shopper! Check out their website here.

Friday Outfit

Outfit: Simple yet sassy outfit for Friday!  The over sized white T is from H&M, I love that the color is bedazzled! The coated denim jeans are from MODE in Roseville.  These are extremely comfortable and totally dress up a look.

I hope you enjoyed my looks from this week!  Don’t miss a shoe report by following Happy Shoe Day (sign up below) and you can follow everything on all things social media (twitter, facebook and instagram). Thanks for all your support.

Happy Shoe Day!

Shoe Report: Spring Trends

The sun is shinning a little brighter knowing Spring is right around the corner.  It means bright colors and no more boots outside.  I’m excited for this Spring because we’re bringing it back to basics.

A special thanks to Nordstrom and for letting me feature their beautiful shoes.

Happy Day Trend 1: Fancy Flats 

Yes, flats have stepped up in the fashion world.  For me, flats aren’t my favorite style but what I’m seeing for spring I’ll be putting more of them in my shoe collection. You’re going to start seeing very detailed flats and you’ll have a lot of opportunities to dress them up.


The purple flats from is the perfect example of attention to detail.  They’re very simple but the waves on the edges adds such a stylish look.


These tan and blue flats from are perfect because they’ll bring you right into summer. Plus, they incorporate another trend I’ll be talking about later, color blocking.  These are simple but can add some color to your outfit.


You’re going to see a lot of t-straps this spring and why not add them to flats.  I love this line of Halogen flats, they look great and so sharp.  I can see you adding these with white pants and a sassy blouse.


These beautiful studded Valentino flats take my breath away. The rock studs on them adds a little edge to the look along with the point on them. A must have in your closet is a pointed flat for sure!

Happy Day Trend 2: Powerful Pumps

The silhouette of the stiletto will never go out of style but for this season we’re making the pumps the center piece of the outfit. You’re going to see a lot of really creative heels. It’s finally time to turn down the outfit and turn up the pumps!


These heels from add some real class to an outfit.  I love that they are simple just in case you don’t want to jump into this trend head first but still looks like you put some thought into picking out my shoes.  The different textures within the shoe adds just enough detail.


These zebra pumps from and can take the place of your black pumps.  These are the perfect example of the “powerful pump”.  It brings texture and extra style to your outfit.


HOT PINK!!!  These are simple yet can add such a fun pop of color.  The idea of a powerful pump is to have the option of something different than red being your pop of color.  If you look closely these patent leather Saint Laurent pumps have an upper lining and leave a side open. Such a great accent to add to the design.


These peep toe Paul Green sandals are perfect for a Spring day. I love that although they aren’t your classic pump they still create a statement.  The asymmetrical zipper on the side along with the peep toe lengthens your legs, especially if you wear them with a skinny pant.  These are also great for a person who doesn’t love a high heel.


Okay, I’m going a little rogue with this pick but I had to include these wedge sandals. This Kork-ease wedge has such a strong look to them. I love the two tone tan and a wedge is a great way to get height without the strain of a pump.

Happy Day Trend 3: Color Blocking 

Color blocking has really come a long way. Designers are taking advantage of the entire shoe when it comes to this trend. From the straps to the heels it can all be a different color.  Having such great detail on the heels one of my favorite things a designer does.


This is a perfect example of the designer taking the classic black and white combination to the next level.  I love how created the double straps with white and added the black to the point. I’m craving to wear these with a pencil skirt with a tucked in red blouse.  How cute would that be?


We’re sticking with the simple look for color blocking with these pumps.  These black and grey heels with the open sizes add style to a business look.  I love that the colors are very separate but still fit well together.  A lot of times with color blocking, it’s difficult to pair an outfit with it.  These allow you the ability to wear anything with it. 


Now we’re getting into the fun and sassy side of color blocking.  Metallic is something you’re going to see a lot of and what a fun way to incorporate the trend.  Silver and purple is such a fun combination!!  You have a little black dress in your closet you’re getting bored with?  These are the shoes from that can bring life back into that LBD!


My heart beats a little faster when I see Jimmy Choo’s heels!  These twisty turns of details are amazing with the asymmetrical straps and layered colors are terrific. These are simply perfect for a night out!  You can tone it down with black, tan and silver or add a wow with the purple, yellow and green!


We’re going back to the black and white trend but there is a blue and black option too! These Kate Spade pumps took full advantage of the entire shoe. Look at that detail in the heel, just amazing.  These would be perfect for a business look or a fun night out.

Thanks again to and Nordstrom for letting me go shopping through their spring looks!!  Which one is your favorite?!

Have a happy shoe day!

Shoe Report: Oscar Trend Edition! (2/23/14 – 2/27/14)

I was inspired after watching all those beautiful dresses on the red carpet to start incorporating those trends into my outfits this week.  So each day you’ll see one or two trends that we’re on the red carpet.  What trends are your favorite from the 2015 Academy Awards?

Monday, February 23rd: 

Did you see how beautiful Jennifer Hudson was in yellow?! Check out her  Romona Keveza dress!


Which reminded me, I have some beautiful yellow boots I never wear!! Plus, It was freezing out and I needed to add some sunshine to my outfit. These beautiful yellow faux suede boots are from

Monday Shoes

Now for what inspired my oufit! Reese Witherspoon look amazing in her Tom Ford black and white dress, it fit her perfect!


This dress was icing on the cake for me… I’ve been seeing black and white stripes all over the places but I didn’t have any a shirt or anything.  I picked up this shirt at Target and my jeans are the curvy fit also from there.  My blazer is from Primp and when they have these in stock they’re always in a variety of colors.  I just love this blazer.

Monday's Outfit

Tuesday, February 24th: 

Tuesday’s outfit is inspired by the beautiful floral trend that was on the red carpet.

Floral Trend

For the shoes, I pulled out a pair I don’t wear too much.  I got these so long ago that I don’t reminder where I got them but they’re such a fun pair of pumps.  The flower on top adds a real conversation piece to the outfit.

Tuesday Shoes

The floral trend continues to my purple cardigan that I got at Target.  This is much bolder than what you saw on the red carpet but I haven’t yet embarrassed the floral look, I am trying.  I paired the top with a floral lace black skirt that I got a Kohl’s.  I really committed to the floral look for this one!

Tuesday Outfit

Wednesday, February 25th:

There were some beautiful metallic gowns Sunday night but my favorite was Laura Dern’s Alberta Ferretti gown.

87th Annual Oscars Red Carpet Arrivals

Of course when I saw this I thought, I really need to pull out my Steve Madden metallic purple boots.  I mean, didn’t everyone?  These boots I don’t bring out too often because they are so pointy that they get scuffed pretty easy.  These were originally $300 but I wanted until they were on ultra clearance and I got the for $65, which I believe is the most I’ve ever spent on shoes.

Wednesday Shoes

For the outfits, it’s all about the black and white trend for me this week.  I keep going back to it because it’s so easy to pull off. All though my favorite black and white gown was Reese Witherspoon look, a close second was Marion Cotillard’s Christian Dior gown.


I was excited to get this new jacket in the mail, I ordered it from  It took awhile to get it to me but I got this week and couldn’t wait to wear it.  I paired it with pixie pants from Old Navy.

Wednesday Outfit

Thursday, February 26th:

Pretty in pink! There was a lot more pink than normal at the Oscars and it made me want to embrace pink.  My favorite pink dress was Zoe Saldana’s Atlelier Versace dress but Gwyneth and Anna pulled the look off too.

pink trend

So for the shoes I stuck with a nude pair to keep the look simple.  These are from Target and I have to say they’re like flats to me… when it doubt these are the pair I wear.


Now for the pink.  The only light pink I own is this super comfy sweater from Kohl’s. Seeing the trend on the red carpet made me pull out a sweater that I simply don’t wear that often.  To dress the sweater up a bit I added my anchor scarf which I have no idea where or when I got this. And to finish this simple look I wore my silver jeans that I love so much!!

Thursday Outfit

Friday, February 27th: 

For the last trend this week, I wanted to feature the all black.  This was a unique challenge for me cause I love adding color to my look. Cate Blanchet, Sienna Miller, and Margot Robbie looked absolutely beautiful in all black but I especially love the pop of color Cate added.

all black

For the shoes, I had to wear my favorite black pumps that have a beautiful textured heel!  I love what this heel adds to a look, so simple yet still such a statement.  These were purchased at DSW.


For the outfit, I stayed as true to all black as I could but I took a note from Cate Blanchet and added a little pop of color with my belt.  This entire outfit is brought to you by Target!

Fridays Outfit


Shoe Report: 2/16/14- 2/20/14

Wow, it was cold here in Minneapolis this week so I tried to bring Spring into my outfits.  Hope you enjoy all the color from this week.

Monday, February 16th: 

Monday Shoes

Shoes: I’ve done something that I’ve never done in the shoe report… wear flats! I know what was I thinking?!  Well, it was freezing outside and my outfit was so comfy it just seemed to fit. Plus, if I’m going to wear flats I’m going to make sure they have some bling on them.  These are from DSW and incorporates a big trend for winter… adding some texture to a simple black shoe.  I featured these in a my fall shoe trend segment on Twin Cities live… watch the segment×9&auto_next=1&auto_start=0&page_count=1&pf_id=8338&pl_id=16353&rel=3&show_title=0&tags=default&va_id=5401958&volume=8&windows=1“>here.

Monday Outfit

Outfit: Had to wear flats with just a comfy Monday outfit.  The leopard sweater is from Target and is so comfy.  The jeans are from  Yes, they have jeans too along with dresses, jewelry and handbags.    

Tuesday, February 17th:

Thursday shoesShoes: Such a fun pair of booties.  I love that these are simple and can be worn with so many different outfit but still has details to them so they’re not boring.  The faux zipper and fold over detail just screams stylish!  I got these at Primp in Excelsior, MN.  They have some amazing booties there… check out the outfits I styled around my favorite booties there, just click here.

Tuesday Outfits

Outfit: I needed some Spring in my life.  This beautiful bright blue blazer from Primp, I love their blazers.  The floral pink tank is from Target and the Jeans are my curvy fit ones.  This is my favorite scarf and my mother-in-law gave it to me.

Wednesday, February 28th:

DSCN0071Shoes: I’m not a fan of just plan black boots but boots with some sassy detail I’m all about!  These are simple so I can still wear them with everything which is key to find that happy medium.  These are from DSW and right now they have some great boots from under $60.

Wednesdays Outfit

Outfit: Keeping with the Spring theme sticks with this outfit.  This outfit is brought to you by Target!  I love how bright the shirt is and the floral scarf has so many colors in it that I can easily accessorize with it.

Thursday, February 19th: 

thursday shoes

Shoes: I love purple so it was a simple decision to buy these when I had a shopping appointment with Michelle at Arc’s Value Village.  If you haven’t set up an appointment with her yet, you’re missing out.  It was the best experience! These are Madden Girls that we’re only $17 and originally over $150!

Thursday Outfit

Outfit: These are my new favorite pants! I needed new pants that’s for sure.  These are coded denim and are so comfortable yet sassy! I got them at MODE in Roseville.  The boyfriend cardigan is and tank is from Target!

Friday, February 20th:

Monday Shoes

Shoes: I think everyone should own a pair of red pumps and red boots.  Especially when you don’t have a lot of color in your wardrobe its such a simple way to add a pop of color.  I got these beauties from and just love the buckle detail on them.

Fridays Outfit

Outfit: You can’t see them but the detail on my pants are little flowers with red in the center, I had to wear the boots with them of course.  The pants are the pixie pants from Old Navy and the black turtle neck has been in my closet for so long I couldn’t even guess where it was from.

Shoe Report: 2/9/14 – 2/13/14

This week the weather was all over the place and so were my outfits… hope you enjoy!!

Monday, February 9th:

Monday Shoes

Shoes: I think these boots are a perfect to dress up an outfit for work but to tame down crazy colors. I got these from It was so nice out I got to wear just these; I didn’t have to change from my snow boots to these.  Very exciting.

Monday Outfit

Outfit: Had to warm up my outfit with a neon look in the winter but of course a comfy sweater had to go with it. The tank is from Target along with the accessories. The sweater is from CAbi Clothing and a fun fact about this sweater its so warm I didn’t have to wear a jacket.  Lastly, the jeans are my curvy fit from Target.

Tuesday, February 10th:

Thursday Shoes

Shoes: I love that these nude shoes can really dress up any outfit. One of my favorite color combinations is black and nude… I got these beauties on


Outfit: When you have one of your favorite color combinations in the shoes, you’ve got to have it in your outfit. The cardigan and tank are from Target. These jeans are my favorite, they fit so well. I got them from Silver at Mall of America but they have a great online store. Right now they have 30% for their President’s Day Sale.

Wednesday, February 11th:


Shoes: You’ve seen these shoes before if you’re a fan of happy shoe day. These are my favorite black shoes and although its a simple detail that people really notice. I love a shoe with such a great heel detail.

Wednesdays Outfit

Outfit: I’m so excited about this outfit. First off, I mixed patterns which I don’t normally do (The blazer and the heels). I got this awesome black and white blazer from MODE in Roseville. If you haven’t stopped in there the  have amazing clothes for such reasonable prices. I paired it with a white tank from Target and the gray pants are from Kohl’s. Right now Kohl’s has 15% off for Valentines day with the promo code: LOVEBUG.

Bonus outfits: 

bonus outfit

Check out the segment from Twin Cities Live that Patty, the owner of MODE in Roseville, did with Valentine’s Day outfit ideas no matter what you’re plans are.  Click here to watch the segment.  Plus, you have until tomorrow to get 20% of your purchase when you mention Twin Cities Live at the checkout.

Thursday, February 12th:

SHOES 1252014

Shoes: Classic black booties that I love so much, I wear these when I can’t figure out what shoes to wear. Yes, sometimes that happens. You guessed it, I got these on

Thursday Outfit

Outfit: These 2 tones black and blue pants are pixie pants form Old Navy. Right now through Monday you can get 50% online and in stores at Old Navy. I do have to say though, I should wear these pants more but for some reason I just have a hard styling an outfit around them. I went with a floral top from Target and a sweater from my mother-in-law.  What do think of how I styled this look?!

Friday, February 13th:

tuesday shoes

Shoes: I simple LOVE these black tie-up booties.  For awhile I just didn’t wear them but they are for sure back in the rotation.  I’ll give you one guess where I got these!  You got it,

Friday Outfit

Outfit: I have a confession.  I put this outfit together last night and simple had no idea what sweater I wanted to wear with it.  So I took the pictures and made a game time decision this morning before walking out the door to work.  The skirt is from LulaRoe.  It’s just so comfy and cozy but I love the neon yellow detail on it.  I put a black tank sweater to go along with it that I got at Marshall’s forever ago.

Lularoe OutfitAnd now for the sweater I put with it, a nice comfy dark gray and black that I got from my mother-in-law. It’s a Eileen Fisher sweater from Nordstrom’s. Now through February 22nd you can get 40% off online and in-stores on select items.  What a great weekend for deal.  Looks like I’m going shopping!

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