Cha- Cha- Cha- Changes

Okay, now try and get that song out you of your head!  Life is full of changes and sometimes you simply can’t fight it. It’s with a heavy heart that I’m announcing I’m no longer going to be selling shoes.

We're Closing

Happy Shoe Day is going back to its original glory!  Back to where I search for fabulous shoes and show off how a pair of shoes can complete an outfit.

What does that mean for the Happy Shoe Day Shoe Store?  Shoes won’t be available for sale on the site.  Being a full-time mom, working part time and starting my own consulting firm I simply don’t have the time and energy to also own an online shoe store.  Its been a hard decision to close this part of Happy Shoe Day but its what is best for my family and my sanity.

Searching for a positive in all of this, I’m looking forward to going into a shoe store and shopping!!!  Instead of checking out their inventory and wondering how my little shop can keep up.  Also, I no longer will feel guilty buying shoes when I have a basement full of shoes.  Not sure our bank account is happy about that part.

Happy Shoe Day, the blog, isn’t going anywhere.  I’ll be posting more about trends, fabulous finds and even featuring some baby shoes too.

Everything Must Go!

Where do we go from here?!  Well, I need ALL of the shoes that are in my basement to GET OUT!  I’ve updated the shop to the lowest prices possible.  What you see is what you get… all available sizes are there.  Minnesota peeps: check out the shop and then e-mail (or text) me with your order.  This way I can just drop them off and we don’t have to worry about shipping.

I want to thank everyone for supporting this venture.  What a dream come true to have owned my own shoe store.  I’m sad to see the shoes go but excited to see what the future holds.

Happy Shoe Day CLosing Party

And because I always love a reason to shop, see friends and enjoy a class of bubbly I’m going to have my final shoe party.  Come to the Happy Shoe Day Headquarters and shop the rest of the inventory.  The Style Trolley will be here to help complete the outfits with beautiful pieces.

Details: Sunday, July 23rd from 2-6 pm. 4860 Highcrest Dr, Excelsior, MN.  E-mail me at if you’re interested in stopping by.  Would love to see you!


Have a happy shoe day!

A Flat & A Wedge!

Thank you to everyone who stopped by the Twin Cities Live Holiday Pop-up Shop!  Hope you’re enjoying your new shoes.  I always love being able to meet you all face-to-face.


Now that it’s over, I’ve added those exclusive shoes from the pop-up shop on the site for you to buy.  Let me tell you, these shoes were a HIT and I hope you love them too.


These wedges ($37) are BEAUTIFUL.  What I love about them is you can wear them to your holiday party or with a pair of jeans. I wore these all day for the pop-up shop and my feet weren’t hurting at all.  They are faux suede with a faux leather trim.  I was so surprised because I didn’t have any sort of cut or blister on top.  You that you hate when that happens with new wedges.


Let’s keep it simple and add a little sass! These black loafers are a staple for your closet. And did spot the fringe?  It’s all about fringe… still!  That trend isn’t going anywhere. The best part these are only $27.  It did take a time or 2 wearing them to break them in but now they are my go-to when I’m running out of the house.


Click here to shop all my shoes.



Sandals with Sole

Close friends know that I’m always on the look out for fabulous shoes to sell on Happy Shoe Day! Let’s face it, if you’ve ever met me you know that I love making sure people have beautiful shoes at an affordable price.

Now, let’s add one more level to this, shoes that have a good cause behind them!  I absolutely want to make sure they are a part of the Happy Shoe Day collection.  The sandals I’m talking about are called Mawu Lolo, hand crafted sandals made by artisans in Ghana.

mawu logo

This company was started in Minnesota by David Frauenshuh, a man who simply wanted to help build schools in Ghana, Africa and found out that they needed so much more than that.  Woman couldn’t attend the schools because they were too busy bringing clean water to their village all day.  Solution: money was donated to build wells. Now that woman are available to get an education it was time to find a way to build careers to help get them out of poverty.  Classes in sewing and sandal making were created.  These artisans are paid a livable wage to create handmade sandals that are sold around the world.


You can learn more about the artisan and their story on the Mawu Lolo website.

TCL Ghana

Twin Cities Live is also sharing the story of the makers this week as host Elizabeth Ries, and photographer, Seth Holst, traveled to Ghana to get a first hand look and meet  the amazing people of this community.

Etornam Pink

Now that you know the story behind the sandals, lets talk about the shoe itself.  These are my new go-to sandals.  They are always by my front door because being 9 months pregnant in the middle of the summer finding shoes to wear is an impossible task.  My heels have been put into hibernation and flip-flops are my new best friend. Some flip-flops go through the obligatory breaking in phase when in between your toes you have to get a blister and break them in.  I was shocked when I went through an entire day without a blister.  Honestly, they are so comfortable to walk in, even a day full of running errands. Also, an added bonus is the pop of color under your foot.  Adds a fun flare to what you’re wearing.


Happy Shoe Day is currently caring the pink and purple pattern in Eternal (flip flops) & Elinam (birkencork style) for $35.  Sizes are limited but I would be delighted to order more of these so be sure to request what size you’re looking for.  Want different style? Check out their website and let me know what you’re looking for.

I hope you have a Happy Shoe Day!!



Summer Sandals: $35 or less!

Hooray, Summer is here!!

 Now lets go sandal shopping…

Bling SandalsWhen I ordered these bling-tastic sandals {$20} I thought they are simply perfect to bring along to have flats at a wedding, I was wrong!  I wear them all the time.  They are such a fun way to dress up an outfit.  And a bonus for you… they are comfy! They work perfectly with maxi dresses, jeans, skirts etc.  Honestly, when I’m not sure what shoes to wear I pick these, they always match.

floral sandals

Pink floral lace up sandals {$25}, does it get any more summer than that? These have been very popular on Happy Shoe Day! They add such a fun accent to your outfit. These elongate your legs so they’re perfect to wear with shorts or a shorter skirt this summer.

Coral Sandals

Coral, a beautiful color of summer!  These sandals {$25} add such a great pop of color to a simple summer outfit.  Also, I’ve never gotten blisters from these. There wasn’t a “break-in phase” for these.  I especially love to wear them with a pair of skinny jeans and a simple top.  Then it’s all about the accessories.

Braided Black Flip Flops

The classic flip-flop {$12} with a braided touch! These sandals stay by my front door and are slipped on in a moments notice.  Being pregnant they are the easiest to wear!  Not bending over is a luxury these days.  I love that they are a little dresser than a standard flip-flop but nothing too fancy.  Name the outfit and you can wear these with it.


Now it’s time to add a little height with these wedges {$35}! A trend you are seeing all over the place this summer is the lace up and these do that really well.  These are going to dress your outfit down in such a classic way.  The camel color is perfect for summer colors too.  Lastly, these will absolutely be something you’ll want to  wear this fall.


Well hello lover! A pair of sling back nude shoes {$35} create such a classic touch to your outfit. They are perfect to add to a dress you’re wearing to a wedding but I also love adding them to jeans or shorts for date night.  These honestly can be paired with anything in your closet! Also, since the heel on top is thicker they create a surprising support for your foot.

Not sandals but great summer shoes!grey and white sneakerswhite sneaker

Summer sneakers!! I have to be honest, this trend didn’t really excite me until this year. Now I’m loving this look.  The white sneakers {$19} are perfect because you can wipe them down to keep them looking brand knew.  The grey and white sneakers {$19} add such a fun texture to your look.  Again, these will carry you through summer and into the fall.  This trend isn’t going anywhere you should have a pair in your collection.


These peach pumps {$29} are the definition of summer heels. From a summer dress to a pair of skinnies I love this color to add to any outfit.  One of my favorite looks to wear with these are skinny jeans and a white top then add peach accessories.

BEE 01

Leopard flats {$19} are a part of my spring/summer collection but honestly these can be worn any season.  Leopard print is the new nude! Look in any magazine, store and blog you’ll see leopard mixed and matched with any print or simple outfit.  I’m wearing these shoes out.  Again, with it being a little tough to bend over while pregnant these are such an easy solution to a look for me.

Which pair of shoes is your favorite?!

Have a Happy Shoe Day!

My First Fix

Being pregnant comes with all sorts of challenges.  In the grand picture of pregnancy, a minor problem that occurs daily is getting dressed.  It has been difficult to learn how to put together an outfit for my new body.  A body that I am proud of with every kick of my amazing baby girl.  So, how do I dress myself with that pride?  I can tell you that heading out to the mall and trying on clothes in a dressing room sounds horrible.  I felt defeated in an area I truly love, CLOTHES!


Then I heard that Stitch Fix has maternity clothes!!  I can get a box  delivered to my front door and try clothes on in the privacy of my own home, all for $20.  I’ve signed up for once a month but you can choose how often you want to receive clothes and it’ll be $20 for each fix.


After I filled out a style profile to let the stylist know what I’m looking for I scheduled my first fix delivery.

Open PKG

I loved opening up the package and getting a note from the stylist to explain everything.

Full layout

The inspiration that comes with the letter helps remind me what I already have in my closet and gets me excited about the potential outfits I can create! Something I haven’t felt in awhile.

Now it’s time to try the outfits on! I thought I should treat this like a dressing room and only show you the outfits I like? NO! I’m going to show you what looks good and not so great.

First I tried out the Liverpool maternity jeans with the Hattan knit top.

Let’s start with the jeans.  I NEVER WANT TO TAKE THEM OFF! Yes, I’m yelling at you because that is my exact reaction when I showed my husband. They feel like pajama bottoms and they don’t give you the maternity jean saggy booty. My first fix is off to a great start.  These are $78 which is the most I’ve ever spent on jeans but I knew they would be worth it.

Now for the top {$54}.  I always think I’m going to wear a shirt like this and then it sits in my closet. I liked it, a simple top that fit me well but I just didn’t love it. In the maybe pile it went.


Next top, the Aldrich knit top {$48}.  Look at that sassy back!  I like this one but wish there was more going on in the front.  The fit was great and it was comfortable! Off to the maybe pile.

Last top, Pennellas knit top {$48}. Wow, is this a comfy shirt!  I just fell in love with it when I put it on. With the most comfy jeans ever and this top I felt so so comfortable.  I like that this wasn’t a plain or a floral top which I feel like are the only options sometimes with maternity clothing. This is going in the yes pile!

I had to take off my new favorite outfit and try on the Tahj Maternity Jersey Maxi dress {$78}.  Being pregnant in the summer I’m sure you’ll see me in maxi dresses… a lot. Before I put the dress on I thought I would love it, just a reminder to always try things on. When I looked in the mirror I didn’t love it on me.  The top fit me a little strange and the pattern on the bottom wasn’t super flattering on me.  This is heading into the no pile.



I’ve tried everything on and it’s time to go to my account and let them know what I’ll be keeping. I decided to take my maybe pile and transfer them into the no pile.  I didn’t have the budget to just buy for fun and I want to make sure I can buy everything I love each month.  What I’m not keeping goes into a pre-paid envelope and my yes pile heads straight into my closet. Grand total… $106!

Want to learn more about Stitch Fix?  Click here!


2016 Spring Shoe Trends!

There are a lot amazing spring shoe trends but here are just a couple of my favorites! Click here to check out my segment on Twin Cities Live to see these trends.


Lace-ups: This style you’ve been seeing all over Hollywood and now it’s perfect for your closet.  This is a trend that is easy to wear and you’ll see in a lot of different styles of shoes.  What’s great about this trend is that it’s not going anywhere.  If you want to splurge on a pair, do it! You’ll see this all throughout the summer and will continue into Spring 2017.

Block Heels:  Remember this from the 70’s and the 90’s well, it’s back and much cuter! You’ll see stack heels in many different heel heights.  This is a trend you’ll see go into fall but I’m not sure if you’ll see it around next spring.  This is a trend you’ll want to buy on sale or as a less expensive version.

Pointed Flats:  Ballet flats keeps getting better and better! Flats have now taken the style from stilettos without the height.  These sleek shoes are a perfect way to get the sophistication of the heel without with pain.  They can be a tough style to wear for short legged woman but for long legged beauties these are perfect.

The Oxford:  Oh how fancy do I feel in these!  That’s right the men’s fashion trend has moved into the women’s shoe world.  The oxford is a trend that will become much more wearable.  It’s at the beginning of the trend so you may only see really creative ones at the higher end stores.  If this is the look for you though, SPLURGE!  The oxfords are going to be huge for the fall!

To find the shoes I featured in the segment shop their website sites!

Qupid Shoes

Shoe Dazzle


Shop Maggie’s shoe store, click here!

End of Winter Shoe Sale!


With the sun shinning a little longer and the weather a little nicer that means one thing… SPRING CLEANING!!

I’m currently cleaning out my personal closet to make room for spring clothes and most importantly open toed shoes.  Next stop, my shoe store and I need a little help from you.

I’m excited that my Happy Shoe Day spring collection is on its way and my basement can’t hold much more.  It’s time for the end of winter sale: entire site is 25% off using discount code BYEWINTER.  If there is a pair you have your eye on be sure to grab it now this sale only lasts through Sunday, March 20th.

As always thanks for your support and have a Happy Shoe Day!


Shoe Shopping Like a Pro

This is not going to come as a surprise to you but shopping for shoes is one of my favorite things to do.  So much so I started an online boutique so I can shop for shoes for my readers. of course has the best shoes online (I know, I’m biased). Besides my own online boutique there are 3 places that I head first to find a new pair for my collection.

  1. an online shoe club.


I love this site because there is a wide variety of shoes that don’t break the bank.  You sign up and create an online profile.  Then every month a personal stylist picks shoes for you to choose from for just $39.95.  A great added bonus, it’s not just shoes.  Don’t think you need to add another pair to your collection? They also have clothes, bags, jewelry and more.  I own a couple of purses and outfits from them.  I love the fit! Before Happy Shoe Day sold shoes is where most of my shoes came from.


2. DSW: Designer Shoe Warehouse


Walking into DSW is very much an overwhelming moment for me. So many options! My game plan- head straight back to the clearance section and start at the beginning.  I do the same thing online too.  You can buy amazing shoes for as much as 60% off.

3. Marshalls


This one you have to physically walk into the store but it’s absolutely worth it. This is another clearance section that is unstoppable.  Head to your size and just sit back and decide which pair you want to take home.  You can get designer shoes for less than $20.  The best deal I’ve found here was a pair of Jessica Simpsons for $5.  I was flying high that day!


I’d be a fool if I didn’t remind you that is full of great shoes that won’t cost you a lot.  My most expensive pair are boots for $45. My goal is for you to be able to have shoes that you can treat as accessories.

Where is your favorite place to shop for shoes?

Have a  happy shoe day!





The Blanket Scarf- 3 new ways to wear it!

The nights are cooler and the leaves are starting to turn but the temps are still hitting the high 70’s during the day.

Solution: Blanket Scarf!

These scarfs aren’t just for the dead of winter anymore, they’re perfect for fall! So take them out of your closet and start wearing them… I’ll show you how.

And I think you need the scarf below in your fall wardrobe.  Head to my facebook page to learn how you can win it.

  1. Around the neck.

Blanket Scarf 1

This is extremely easy to do.  Simply put this into a triangle and put the point of scarf in the front and wrap.  You can hide the access fabric under the scarf.  This will stay all day and will create pattern to an other wise boring t-shirt.

2. Cape!

Blanket Scarf 2

It’s as simple as folding it in half and wrapping it around your shoulders.

Blanket Scarf 2 w belt

Or if you’re looking for a more styled look add a belt! For another look click here.

3. Belt it!

Blanket Scarf 3

Again, fold it in a triangle and then roll it like a normal scarf.  After you wrap around the scarf around your neck- belt it.  This a great way to change up any outfit.

Outfit rundown:

Scarf: Style Trolley

T-shirt: Target

Pants: H&M

Booties: Primp

Have a happy shoe day and show me how you’re wearing your blanket scarf!