Summer Sandals: $35 or less!

Hooray, Summer is here!!

 Now lets go sandal shopping…

Bling SandalsWhen I ordered these bling-tastic sandals {$20} I thought they are simply perfect to bring along to have flats at a wedding, I was wrong!  I wear them all the time.  They are such a fun way to dress up an outfit.  And a bonus for you… they are comfy! They work perfectly with maxi dresses, jeans, skirts etc.  Honestly, when I’m not sure what shoes to wear I pick these, they always match.

floral sandals

Pink floral lace up sandals {$25}, does it get any more summer than that? These have been very popular on Happy Shoe Day! They add such a fun accent to your outfit. These elongate your legs so they’re perfect to wear with shorts or a shorter skirt this summer.

Coral Sandals

Coral, a beautiful color of summer!  These sandals {$25} add such a great pop of color to a simple summer outfit.  Also, I’ve never gotten blisters from these. There wasn’t a “break-in phase” for these.  I especially love to wear them with a pair of skinny jeans and a simple top.  Then it’s all about the accessories.

Braided Black Flip Flops

The classic flip-flop {$12} with a braided touch! These sandals stay by my front door and are slipped on in a moments notice.  Being pregnant they are the easiest to wear!  Not bending over is a luxury these days.  I love that they are a little dresser than a standard flip-flop but nothing too fancy.  Name the outfit and you can wear these with it.


Now it’s time to add a little height with these wedges {$35}! A trend you are seeing all over the place this summer is the lace up and these do that really well.  These are going to dress your outfit down in such a classic way.  The camel color is perfect for summer colors too.  Lastly, these will absolutely be something you’ll want to  wear this fall.


Well hello lover! A pair of sling back nude shoes {$35} create such a classic touch to your outfit. They are perfect to add to a dress you’re wearing to a wedding but I also love adding them to jeans or shorts for date night.  These honestly can be paired with anything in your closet! Also, since the heel on top is thicker they create a surprising support for your foot.

Not sandals but great summer shoes!grey and white sneakerswhite sneaker

Summer sneakers!! I have to be honest, this trend didn’t really excite me until this year. Now I’m loving this look.  The white sneakers {$19} are perfect because you can wipe them down to keep them looking brand knew.  The grey and white sneakers {$19} add such a fun texture to your look.  Again, these will carry you through summer and into the fall.  This trend isn’t going anywhere you should have a pair in your collection.


These peach pumps {$29} are the definition of summer heels. From a summer dress to a pair of skinnies I love this color to add to any outfit.  One of my favorite looks to wear with these are skinny jeans and a white top then add peach accessories.

BEE 01

Leopard flats {$19} are a part of my spring/summer collection but honestly these can be worn any season.  Leopard print is the new nude! Look in any magazine, store and blog you’ll see leopard mixed and matched with any print or simple outfit.  I’m wearing these shoes out.  Again, with it being a little tough to bend over while pregnant these are such an easy solution to a look for me.

Which pair of shoes is your favorite?!

Have a Happy Shoe Day!

My First Fix

Being pregnant comes with all sorts of challenges.  In the grand picture of pregnancy, a minor problem that occurs daily is getting dressed.  It has been difficult to learn how to put together an outfit for my new body.  A body that I am proud of with every kick of my amazing baby girl.  So, how do I dress myself with that pride?  I can tell you that heading out to the mall and trying on clothes in a dressing room sounds horrible.  I felt defeated in an area I truly love, CLOTHES!


Then I heard that Stitch Fix has maternity clothes!!  I can get a box  delivered to my front door and try clothes on in the privacy of my own home, all for $20.  I’ve signed up for once a month but you can choose how often you want to receive clothes and it’ll be $20 for each fix.


After I filled out a style profile to let the stylist know what I’m looking for I scheduled my first fix delivery.

Open PKG

I loved opening up the package and getting a note from the stylist to explain everything.

Full layout

The inspiration that comes with the letter helps remind me what I already have in my closet and gets me excited about the potential outfits I can create! Something I haven’t felt in awhile.

Now it’s time to try the outfits on! I thought I should treat this like a dressing room and only show you the outfits I like? NO! I’m going to show you what looks good and not so great.

First I tried out the Liverpool maternity jeans with the Hattan knit top.

Let’s start with the jeans.  I NEVER WANT TO TAKE THEM OFF! Yes, I’m yelling at you because that is my exact reaction when I showed my husband. They feel like pajama bottoms and they don’t give you the maternity jean saggy booty. My first fix is off to a great start.  These are $78 which is the most I’ve ever spent on jeans but I knew they would be worth it.

Now for the top {$54}.  I always think I’m going to wear a shirt like this and then it sits in my closet. I liked it, a simple top that fit me well but I just didn’t love it. In the maybe pile it went.


Next top, the Aldrich knit top {$48}.  Look at that sassy back!  I like this one but wish there was more going on in the front.  The fit was great and it was comfortable! Off to the maybe pile.

Last top, Pennellas knit top {$48}. Wow, is this a comfy shirt!  I just fell in love with it when I put it on. With the most comfy jeans ever and this top I felt so so comfortable.  I like that this wasn’t a plain or a floral top which I feel like are the only options sometimes with maternity clothing. This is going in the yes pile!

I had to take off my new favorite outfit and try on the Tahj Maternity Jersey Maxi dress {$78}.  Being pregnant in the summer I’m sure you’ll see me in maxi dresses… a lot. Before I put the dress on I thought I would love it, just a reminder to always try things on. When I looked in the mirror I didn’t love it on me.  The top fit me a little strange and the pattern on the bottom wasn’t super flattering on me.  This is heading into the no pile.



I’ve tried everything on and it’s time to go to my account and let them know what I’ll be keeping. I decided to take my maybe pile and transfer them into the no pile.  I didn’t have the budget to just buy for fun and I want to make sure I can buy everything I love each month.  What I’m not keeping goes into a pre-paid envelope and my yes pile heads straight into my closet. Grand total… $106!

Want to learn more about Stitch Fix?  Click here!


2016 Spring Shoe Trends!

There are a lot amazing spring shoe trends but here are just a couple of my favorites! Click here to check out my segment on Twin Cities Live to see these trends.


Lace-ups: This style you’ve been seeing all over Hollywood and now it’s perfect for your closet.  This is a trend that is easy to wear and you’ll see in a lot of different styles of shoes.  What’s great about this trend is that it’s not going anywhere.  If you want to splurge on a pair, do it! You’ll see this all throughout the summer and will continue into Spring 2017.

Block Heels:  Remember this from the 70’s and the 90’s well, it’s back and much cuter! You’ll see stack heels in many different heel heights.  This is a trend you’ll see go into fall but I’m not sure if you’ll see it around next spring.  This is a trend you’ll want to buy on sale or as a less expensive version.

Pointed Flats:  Ballet flats keeps getting better and better! Flats have now taken the style from stilettos without the height.  These sleek shoes are a perfect way to get the sophistication of the heel without with pain.  They can be a tough style to wear for short legged woman but for long legged beauties these are perfect.

The Oxford:  Oh how fancy do I feel in these!  That’s right the men’s fashion trend has moved into the women’s shoe world.  The oxford is a trend that will become much more wearable.  It’s at the beginning of the trend so you may only see really creative ones at the higher end stores.  If this is the look for you though, SPLURGE!  The oxfords are going to be huge for the fall!

To find the shoes I featured in the segment shop their website sites!

Qupid Shoes

Shoe Dazzle


Shop Maggie’s shoe store, click here!

3 Different Occasions, 1 Pair of Shoes

A pair of glitter pumps is all you need to get through the Holiday season!

Shoes take 2

Doesn’t matter the Holiday party you’re going to, these pumps are perfect.  Here are 3 outfits from casual to dressy that’ll help give your look some sparkle.

A Night Out:

Outfit 1

Let’s start with casual! I went with my go-to skinny jeans, these are not only comfortable but the dark wash jeans always helps make your shoes pop.  Not that these pumps need much help!

Outfit one bottom

I wanted to bring in the same gold tone from the shoes to tie in the gold theme for the look.  The sweater I got from Len at Ridgedale years ago and I’m still obsessed with it.  I love a staple sweater that you don’t get sick of.  Then to pull the rest of the look together and create a sassy look I added this faux fur vest.

Outfit 1 top

All Business

Outfit 2

Next party it’s all about the business attire!  I started with a pencil skirt from Primp Boutique.  This skirt shows off your figure and lengthens your legs beautifully. Then to pair it with these pumps you’ll have the illusion that your legs go on for days even if you’re not built like super model.

outfit 2 bottoms

To keep the classiness of the look I paired it with a Cabi Clothing black & white tank.  This tank is still appropriate to wear without the blazer just in case it gets a little warm.  The blazer is from H & M and the peplum adds such a simple and classic detail to the look.

Outfit 2 top

The Classic:

Outfit 3

I have to say that I’m a huge fan of color when it comes to parties.  Everyone else is wearing black but not me,  I’m going to be the pop of color in the group.  This pink dress is a staple for me!  I got it years ago at Old Navy and it’s like wearing a blanket but looks much better.  It’s one of the most comfortable dresses I own.  I think that’s important, to not only look good but also feel good in what you’re wearing! Especially if it’s a night full of mingling.

Outfit 3 necklace

Outfit 3 belt

I let the dress be center stage and then accessorized with the pumps, necklace & belt with bow detail. You’ll be turning heads in an outfit like this.

I would be honored if you wore Happy Shoe Day pumps to your Holiday party!  They’re $32 just click here.

The happiest of holidays to you and hope you’re having a happy shoe day!

New Additions to the Shoe Boutique

I did it! Happy Shoe Day was a part of our first pop-up event. I met some great people who walked away having a happy shoe day!  I did not sell out though and you know what that means? More shoes for you!

Check out the new additions…


These beautiful wine colored wedges {$39} can easily dress up any outfit.  Right now I’m obsessed with this color!  My favorite part is you can wear these with any outfit.  Black, Grey, Brown these shoes will match!

wine wedge outfit

A little inspiration for you.  I paired the booties with dark skinny jeans and a mustard colored tank top.  Finished the look with my Cabi moto jacket and a chunky necklace.

Taupe Booties

Talk about comfortable!  These light brown boots {$39} are perfect for the weekend.  I love the simplicity of these but they still have some special detail to them.  Also, there is a lot of flexibility to these which make them easy to wear.

After the popularity of these wedge booties {$35} in the camel {$35} color I just had to get the taupe color as well.  I love the light color of these and the naturally worn look. I can absolutely see a big comfy winter sweater with a pair of leggings and these booties to complete the look.

salty taupe

Another popular item on Happy Shoe Day are the stone color booties {$35} but I couldn’t stop thinking about them in taupe {$35}.  These are a little more forgiving when it comes to the winter.

Taupe Bootie outfit

Some inspiration for these shoes!  One of my favorite outfits I’ve put together.  The vest and shirt is from one of my favorite places to shop, Style Trolley, and I paired them with light skinny jeans and completed the look with a necklace from Parlour Von Kopp. 

Be sure to check out my entire online boutique.

Have a happy shoe day!

3 Outfits Perfect to Wear This Week

love to put outfits together.  Waking up each morning and deciding what to wear gets my day started off right.  I always start with the shoes then build my outfit around the shoes of the day. But some mornings I can’t seem to get it together enough to enjoy the outfit creating process.  I either have too much on my mind or I’m simply running late.  Days like that used to really bum me out but then I started to think ahead.  I pick out 3 outfits on Sunday that are ready to go for those mornings I’m not on top of my game.

Here are my back up outfits for this week.

Monday's Outfit

This first look is keeping it simple! Grabbed my black and white blouse from Primp and paired it with black jeggings from Target.  A simple black and white outfit is never a bad thing but it’s always fun to add a pop of color now and again.  With that in mind I completed the look with Happy Shoe Day Booties {$25}.


For the second look I’m going all business with a pair of slacks that have plaid detail to them.  The other colors in the pants are yellow and blue.  I decided to highlight the blue in the pants with a blue blazer. To make sure that the blazer was the center of the outfit I put a simple black t-shirt underneath.  Finally, a pair of black flats {$22}.


What’s perfect about these flats with the outfit is the blue in them to help carry the accent color throughout the entire look.


Lastly, let’s add some fringe with these booties {$35}. I love building outfits around these shoes because the possibilities are endless. For this outfit I went with this beautiful skirt from Cabi. The turmeric color screams fall and the details are flawless.  To finish the look I paired it a blue blouse that has the same turmeric color in it.

Now that I have 3 outfits ready to go for the week, I can warm up some cider and enjoy my Sunday night!

Have a happy shoe day.

One Outfit 4 Ways

The favorite accessory I own are my shoes.  I know, you’re not shocked by this.  But to prove that all you need is a great pair of shoes to change an outfit up I took a simple outfit and simply changed out the shoes (and scarf).

Original Outfit:

Original Outfit

I took a white top, blazer and a pair of skinny black pants and created 4 different outfits.

Ballet Flats

First up, we’re going more casual for this one.  I used a graphic scarf to brighten the look and then added a pair of flats {$22} to complete the look.  These are primarily black but the textured flats brighten the look up. There is also blue, silver and white within the flat.  Although this look is casual the shoes keep it bright!

Burgundy BootiesNext, let’s add a little bootie {$25}!  Change out the scarf for a floral one that had the same burgundy color in it as the booties.  Wine colors are perfect for this time of year. Even though these are flats the fact that they are booties add some extra sass which is my goal a lot of times.

Wedge Booties

Now for a little height!  We’re going tan for the accent color here.  I added wedge booties {$35} and paired it with a pink leopard print scarf. A wedge shoe is perfect when you have to be dressed up all day but you don’t love heels.

Black and tan booites

Last, but not least! I’m adding a little edge to this look. Creating the sleek look by adding a black knit scarf with the blank and tan booties {$45}.  These booties add an edge to any outfit.  The thicker heel creating a more comfortable fit so you can wear them all day without your feet hurting.

I hope this inspired you to use your shoes more as accessories!

As always have a Happy Shoe Day!

Happy Shoe Day: Online Store

I’m so excited to announce that Happy Shoe Day is officially offering shoes!

One of the most frequently asked questions I get is, “can you buy shoes for me?”.  Finally the answer is YES!  I will have a small online boutique for you with the seasons hottest shoes.  I will always be adding new shoes to the boutique and will include them in my blog posts.  I’m starting with five pairs for fall. Let me introduce you to them…


These were the first ones I ordered for my online boutique. I’m in love with the tan booties with black faux leather detail.  These could dress up a pair of skinny jeans or even add a some edge to a dress. It’s all about taking the bootie to the next level! {$40}

Next are these great wedge tan booties.  An added benefit to these stylish booties are that they will carry you through some nasty weather because the bottoms are made for winter.  These scream weekend and will become a staple in your wardrobe. {$35}

Hello classic beauty!  Cut out booties are everywhere this fall.  How could I resist this neutral one.  These are perfect for the office with a pencil skirt and blouse or a sassy dress for date night. {$35}


It’s no secret that fringe is a huge fall trend but it’s not for everyone.  These booties are a perfect way to wear the trend without going over the top.  How perfect would these be with a pair of skinny jeans and a graphic t-shirt. {$35}

Time to get sassy!  I’m helping you take your boot game up a notch with these knee high boots. Here you’re diving into the fringe trend a little bit more but not going over the top.  I love that these aren’t too much but add some personality to your look. {$45}

Be sure you check back to see how I style my outfit with shoes and what other shoes I add to the boutique.

Looking for more fall shoe trends?  Check out the segment I did on Twin Cities Live.

Have a Happy Shoe Day!

The Blanket Scarf- 3 new ways to wear it!

The nights are cooler and the leaves are starting to turn but the temps are still hitting the high 70’s during the day.

Solution: Blanket Scarf!

These scarfs aren’t just for the dead of winter anymore, they’re perfect for fall! So take them out of your closet and start wearing them… I’ll show you how.

And I think you need the scarf below in your fall wardrobe.  Head to my facebook page to learn how you can win it.

  1. Around the neck.

Blanket Scarf 1

This is extremely easy to do.  Simply put this into a triangle and put the point of scarf in the front and wrap.  You can hide the access fabric under the scarf.  This will stay all day and will create pattern to an other wise boring t-shirt.

2. Cape!

Blanket Scarf 2

It’s as simple as folding it in half and wrapping it around your shoulders.

Blanket Scarf 2 w belt

Or if you’re looking for a more styled look add a belt! For another look click here.

3. Belt it!

Blanket Scarf 3

Again, fold it in a triangle and then roll it like a normal scarf.  After you wrap around the scarf around your neck- belt it.  This a great way to change up any outfit.

Outfit rundown:

Scarf: Style Trolley

T-shirt: Target

Pants: H&M

Booties: Primp

Have a happy shoe day and show me how you’re wearing your blanket scarf!

My Cabi Purchases

A couple of weeks ago I had some girlfriends over and for a Cabi Party. It was the perfect excuse to get together with friends and shop for some new fall clothes!  Well the box arrived at my front door and I couldn’t wait to show you the items I’ve added to my closet.

Let’s start with the tops I’ll be able to wear now and in the fall.

First up, the domino tank, or as I call it the mullet tank.  Serious in the front and a party in the back.

I don’t know about you but when I get new clothes I can’t wait to wear them. This weekend I wore it with a pair of light skinny jeans and sandals.

Next top is the Jot Top


I’m so excited to pair this with a blazer. Or before blazer weather comes to wear this with a pencil skirt.  I love the lace detail that goes into the back of the shirt.

Speaking of skirt, I got this overlay pencil skirt!

Not only does it look good on but it’s also comfortable.  I love the overlay detail! Makes this not your average skirt and the color is perfect for basketball season.  How cute is this for the days that the Syracuse Orangeman play.  I always love to wear orange on game day.

Now lets say stay warm!

The cape, or as Cabi calls it, the Gigi Cape. Gigi is what my niece calls me so this cape already mean a lot and then looks at it… it’s beautiful.

This is the perfect fall accessory. I can imagine wearing this with jeans, white pants or even a pencil skirt and you can really wear any type of top.

The twilight jacket a great jacket that I can use for outer ware or as a blazer.

The angled zipper adds such personality to this look.  This could be dressed down for a weekend look or I could dress it up for work.

The last item is a very comfortable outer wear jacket.

The manor jacket is one of the softest jackets I’ve ever tried on. It’s so comfortable I’m looking forward to a cold fall night just to wear it.

Cabi is so great with details. Down to notes on the bags!

What were some of your favorites from the collection? Hope you have a happy shoe day!