In A Blink of an Eye

January 23rd 2012 a single girl arrived in Uptown Minnesota.  I drove here with my dad not knowing anyone but ready to take on a new challenge.   My challenge was a new job and to take on the world of television but 9 months in my new world changed.  My sister went behind my back and started an online profile for me.  I thought, why not?  I was in a new place, why not meet some new people? I went on a couple miserable dates and decided this sucks, I’m done!  Before I got off I let me take one last look and decided to set up a date with a guy that looked cute and seemed interesting! That guy is now my husband.  Our first date was 5 hours long and we covered everything.  I was my typical self letting him know not to get attached because I don’t commit… well I was wrong!

Where it all started with my little nugget!

Fast forward, this August we celebrated 5 years of dating with our daughter at the place where it all started!  I’m so lucky to have found my forever and this crazy thing called life is so much more fun with these 2 by my side.  One of the many things I love about my husband is that he is the romantic one.  The one that remembers the dates of all the mile stones and he loves to celebrate them no matter how small.  After we had our daughter he made it very clear that he was still so excited to keep dating me.

Delia is not so sure about the guy taking out picture!


Now for what we are wearing… I’m wearing a dress I just got from Stitchfix, shoes are my wedding shoes from JustFab, necklace is Tory Burch, earrings are Stella and Dot.

Delia is wearing hand-me-downs from her cousin Sophia and her sparkly shoes are TOMS.

Josh is wearing a Hammermade shirt, a favorite Minnesota based company that he gets a lot of his dress shirts from.   Jeans are from Old Navy and his shoes are also his wedding shoes that he got from DSW.


And we’re living happily ever after!

My loves!


Cha- Cha- Cha- Changes

Okay, now try and get that song out you of your head!  Life is full of changes and sometimes you simply can’t fight it. It’s with a heavy heart that I’m announcing I’m no longer going to be selling shoes.

We're Closing

Happy Shoe Day is going back to its original glory!  Back to where I search for fabulous shoes and show off how a pair of shoes can complete an outfit.

What does that mean for the Happy Shoe Day Shoe Store?  Shoes won’t be available for sale on the site.  Being a full-time mom, working part time and starting my own consulting firm I simply don’t have the time and energy to also own an online shoe store.  Its been a hard decision to close this part of Happy Shoe Day but its what is best for my family and my sanity.

Searching for a positive in all of this, I’m looking forward to going into a shoe store and shopping!!!  Instead of checking out their inventory and wondering how my little shop can keep up.  Also, I no longer will feel guilty buying shoes when I have a basement full of shoes.  Not sure our bank account is happy about that part.

Happy Shoe Day, the blog, isn’t going anywhere.  I’ll be posting more about trends, fabulous finds and even featuring some baby shoes too.

Everything Must Go!

Where do we go from here?!  Well, I need ALL of the shoes that are in my basement to GET OUT!  I’ve updated the shop to the lowest prices possible.  What you see is what you get… all available sizes are there.  Minnesota peeps: check out the shop and then e-mail (or text) me with your order.  This way I can just drop them off and we don’t have to worry about shipping.

I want to thank everyone for supporting this venture.  What a dream come true to have owned my own shoe store.  I’m sad to see the shoes go but excited to see what the future holds.

Happy Shoe Day CLosing Party

And because I always love a reason to shop, see friends and enjoy a class of bubbly I’m going to have my final shoe party.  Come to the Happy Shoe Day Headquarters and shop the rest of the inventory.  The Style Trolley will be here to help complete the outfits with beautiful pieces.

Details: Sunday, July 23rd from 2-6 pm. 4860 Highcrest Dr, Excelsior, MN.  E-mail me at if you’re interested in stopping by.  Would love to see you!


Have a happy shoe day!

The Inside Scoop: Macy’s Jewelry Event

Macys Ridgedale is having a party and it is getting fancy!

iberjoya logo

On Wednesday, July 12th  from 11am – 7pm in Macy’s fine jewelry department they’re showing off some seriously beautiful diamonds.  It is only for one day they will show off these one of a kind diamonds that have never been carried at Macy’s before.  This a great event to shop for weddings, push presents, a special birthday or the holidays aren’t too far away; start checking off the list now!

While you are shopping the bling grab a glass of bubbly and meet Macy’s Personal Shoppers.  That’s right, Macy’s has wonderful personal shoppers!!  (I’ll have more on that in a separate post).

You know this girl LOVES a deal… make an appoint with a personal shopper and you’ll get an additional 20% off already discounted pieces

Now let’s look at some diamonds!


ring  necklaceearrings

Shoe Shopping Like a Pro

This is not going to come as a surprise to you but shopping for shoes is one of my favorite things to do.  So much so I started an online boutique so I can shop for shoes for my readers. of course has the best shoes online (I know, I’m biased). Besides my own online boutique there are 3 places that I head first to find a new pair for my collection.

  1. an online shoe club.


I love this site because there is a wide variety of shoes that don’t break the bank.  You sign up and create an online profile.  Then every month a personal stylist picks shoes for you to choose from for just $39.95.  A great added bonus, it’s not just shoes.  Don’t think you need to add another pair to your collection? They also have clothes, bags, jewelry and more.  I own a couple of purses and outfits from them.  I love the fit! Before Happy Shoe Day sold shoes is where most of my shoes came from.


2. DSW: Designer Shoe Warehouse


Walking into DSW is very much an overwhelming moment for me. So many options! My game plan- head straight back to the clearance section and start at the beginning.  I do the same thing online too.  You can buy amazing shoes for as much as 60% off.

3. Marshalls


This one you have to physically walk into the store but it’s absolutely worth it. This is another clearance section that is unstoppable.  Head to your size and just sit back and decide which pair you want to take home.  You can get designer shoes for less than $20.  The best deal I’ve found here was a pair of Jessica Simpsons for $5.  I was flying high that day!


I’d be a fool if I didn’t remind you that is full of great shoes that won’t cost you a lot.  My most expensive pair are boots for $45. My goal is for you to be able to have shoes that you can treat as accessories.

Where is your favorite place to shop for shoes?

Have a  happy shoe day!





Indulge in Good Things… Especially in The Fall!

I have a confession! I’m ready for the temperatures to fall so I can grab my boots and sweaters out of storage and start rocking them on a consistent basis.  Normally I’m not in such a rush for fall/winter but this year I went to the Indulge in Good Things Fall Fashion Show in White Bear Lake and I got fall fever!

The show got kicked off with a cocktail hour; my friend Sara (creator of the Pretty Intellectual) and I enjoyed a glass of wine while looking at some of our favorite fashion quotes.  How do you not take a picture in front of this?


Now It’s time to sit back and enjoy the show!

We were all welcomed by the owner of Good Things, Tyler!  He not only has great style but also an infectious personality.  He must get it from his mother!  I was lucky enough to sit next to his mom, Sharon, who started the business in 1973.  Sharon is an absolute blast and I love her sassy style!

The host for the event was the one and only Alexis Thompson from myTalk 107.1  who did a great job!  You could tell how much she loves these places and just had a blast being a part of the event.

Okay, Okay… let’s see the fashion!

There were a lot of men’s wear inspired looks on the runway and I have to say I’m intrigued.  I’m more and more getting into this trend and the way they styled these looks now I’m hooked.

And, what sealed the deal for me? The booties on this look.  I love the entire look but the little bit of bling on the bootie added the perfect touch. And these booties walked by me more than once!  They’re so versatile.

And another pair of boots that caught my eye, these beautiful brown leather boots.  Just imagine the outfits you could pairs these with! A weekend staple for sure.

When this look came out I remember saying LOVE!  It’s always a good reminder that your pants can be your wow factor.  Keeping the top simple but bringing it to life with that beautiful color red.

For me, when I’m working out I also like to look good doing it.  That’s half the fun right? These woman came out and not only looked good but did some amazing yoga moves on a runway. Can’t say I’ve ever seen that before.  Not sure what I was more impressed with, the outfits or the moves!

Now for my favorite look of the night! The look that made me want the snow to start flying… don’t get mad!

The layering for this look is perfection.  The bare leg is key to keep things balanced.  The suede vest could work for so many looks and that dress! The dress looks so comfy. Each peace works together but I can see wearing each peace differently too. I have literally not been able to stop thinking about this look!

Can’t forget about the guys!  Each one wore a simple black top and jeans and looked good doing it.  They had so much fun strutting down the cat walk.  Okay, maybe they didn’t strut, they danced!  It was so great that each model was not a paid model but instead real woman (or man) from the community.

All in all, this was a great night that had me wanting more fall fashions.

Don’t worry you didn’t miss out on all the fun.


Click here for your chance to win a $500 gift card from Good Things.

{Imagine an announcer voice}

Plus, there’s more!!

Click here for a $30 off and $10 off coupon.

If you haven’t been to this boutique I urge you to go.  It’s filled with some really beautiful clothing plus down town White Bear Lake is adorable.  I’ve already told my husband that I want to spend a Saturday there for lunch and shopping! Stay tuned for that trip!

I’m going to leave you with this picture of Sara and myself wearing our new sunglasses that we got in our swag bags!


Friends… Mimosas and Fall Clothes

You know me, I am I big fan of getting together with friends and if I can add shopping to that it’s a perfect Saturday afternoon.  The clothes we are shopping for today is Cabi Clothing and the consultant is my beautiful sister-in-law Stephanie!


Cabi stands for Carol Anderson By Invitation. It’s a direct sales company that creates clothes that look beautiful on many different body types. What I love about Steph becoming a consultant is she’s been going to Cabi parties for years and loved the clothes and company so much she wanted to be a part of it. Personally I just recently learned about Cabi and only after 1 party I loved how well their clothes fit women.

Now let’s party!

First up, this party was the perfect time to try new recipes.

The Food

With some fresh flowers and colorful plates the food table is ready.  Since this was a Saturday afternoon I got to keep things pretty simple.  First, I have a confession!  I was going to make homemade banana bread scones and they did not come out at all! This was my first ever baking fail and I didn’t have time to try again.  So, I ran to Kowalski’s and picked up a variety of breads to snack on instead of the scones I planned on.  The night before I made this Blueberry Grain Salad from The Kitchn. The only change I made to the recipe was I used almonds instead of walnuts. The next salad is one my mom always makes, a ramen noodle salad (recipe at the end of the post). Lastly, I put some strawberries and cherries in a dish to snack on easily.

Food Close Up

Next stop… the bar!

The Bar 1The Bar 2 Like many people, I don’t actually have a bar so I have to create one.  I clear off a table in the entry way of the house and put all the drinks there.  This way when guests come in it’s easy to grab drinks and start mingling. I start with a bucket of water, La Croix and wine to welcome the guest.  Then to add a special touch- mimosa station!  A rack of glasses, a pitcher of orange juice and the champagne chilling.  Because I think that the pitcher is so cute and I didn’t want to put it on the ice I added the chilling balls that you normally put in whiskey or wine.  I love this trick because then the OJ doesn’t get watered down by ice and it doesn’t take up room in the ice bucket. Last touch is instead of wine rings to tell the glasses a part I use Clingks.  A Minnesota based company came up with this amazing idea.  Check them out!

Now that the food is out and the drinks are ready… it’s time to shop!

The Clothes 1

There were a handful of collections that Steph talks us through. From business to casual and everything in between.  Then after we see all of the clothes the fun part starts.  We try them on!  With a small group of ladies it’s like the best shopping trip and the bonus is you get the honesty of friends in the comfort of your home.

all the clothes

Now the orders are in and I got a lot of beautiful clothes to add to my closet that will arrive in just a couple of days. Check back to Happy Shoe Day to see what I bought.  One added bonus to all this; two of the original founders of Cabi are from Minnesota.  So not only did I get to support family, I also got to shop local.

My outfit for the party…


The tank top is from the Cabi fall collection. I paired it with my express jeans that I got at Arc’s Value Village and shoes from Optiz Outlet.


Ramen Noodle Salad


The Salad:

16oz Asian Slaw package

8 tbs almonds (toasted)

8 tbs sesame seeds (toasted)

3-4 Ramen Noodle packages

The Dressing:

4 tbs sugar

1 tsp pepper

2 tsp salt

3/4 cup Vegetable Oil

3/4 cup Rice Vinegar


Mix together seeds, nuts and ramen then add the cabbage salad.  Add the dressing about 20 minutes before your guests come.  You can mix the salads the night before or hours before but don’t add the dressing too early.

I Went To Target For A Card & Frozen Shrimp

I’m sure many of you can relate to this.  My husband was out of town on business and his flight was delayed.   I wanted to buy him a sweet card to welcome him home because every once in awhile I like to be thoughtful and romantic.  The next thing on my grocery list was shrimp.  That is all I had to get at target yet because the cards are on one side of the store and the frozen shrimp is on the other I made a pit stop in the shoe section which led me to the clothes.


Now besides getting those 2 things I also have my new outfit I’m going to wear!

Did I try to talk myself out of the purchases? Yes, of course! Then I also realized that these things should have been on my list to pick up.  Let me tell you why…


Believe it or not out of the 124 shoes I own I don’t have a pair of cork wedges.  These are perfect for any summer outfit. Plus, all flip flops and sandals  are 20% off at Target.

FLIP FLOPSAs I mentioned flip flops were also 20% off and because I am a high heel lover I only have about 3 pairs that I’ve had for years and years. Its time for an upgrade. (To let you in on another secret I took shoes out of my cart that I was going to buy!!)

Now that I’m done with in the shoe sections and only walked away with 2 new pairs (success) its time to head over to get the frozen shrimp… hang on, there is a really cute shirt!



Normally this type of shirt isn’t my style but I want to start wearing more blouse like tops.  And, since I’m now officially just shopping for fun I thought lets look through these shirts.  I decided to go with the bright yellow! Oh and this shirt is on sale online if you like it.


I ended up adding my navy blue pants that I got at Nordstrom Rack to my new top and wedges and essentially I picked my outfit out for work while I was there there.


I did end up getting my frozen shrimp but not before I bought lawn chairs! Does this happen to anyone else?  You run to a store for 1 or 2 things and the next things you know you spend nearly $100!


Have a Happy Shoe Day!



An Excuse for a Girls Night

Here in Minnesota the weather has been inconsistent to say the least. The one thing I do know is Spring is here and its going to stay; eventually it’ll be summer… right?!

My friend Mandy and I decided the perfect way to be prepared for the sunshine and rooftop happy hours was to throw a Spring Makeover Party.  This included clothes from Lularoe and makeup from Mary Kay.  It was the perfect excuse to hang out with friends and get pampered all at the same time.

First, let start with clothing!


Lularoe is a direct sales company out of California and the rep I work with here in the Twin Cities is amazing.  I love that each piece of clothing is such a statement in your wardrobe.  The best part of this, Lularoe is more like a pop-up shop where there is not a big speech before you start.  This was a perfect combination with Mary Kay which has more of a presentation.  This allowed people to shop for clothing and eat before it was time for makeup.


There are so many clothes to choose from and since it’s designed to be more like a pop-up shop there are plenty of different sizes of clothing you’ll want.  This isn’t just for adults; they have clothing for kids too.  The prices range from $26- $60 and that includes leggings, tunics, skirts and dresses.


It was a blast to try on the clothes and get those honest opinions from your friends.  Kate, LulaRoe Rep, did a great job helping pick out sizes and what would look good on your body type.  This was the such a great way to get the party started.

Since I’ve already mentioned food… let’s talk about the menu!

Mandy and I split the food duties.  We made it easy on ourselves sticking to finger foods that are easy to make or quick to pick up.


From the left, the tray of mini-brownies is from Costco.  If you’re looking for an easy dessert to feed a crowd, pick these up; they’re delicious!

Then for the main dish… chicken salad! One of my favorite places in Minnesota to get this dish, once again is Costco.  I loved that Mandy gave you options either a sandwich (we used croissants) or you could make a lettuce wrap.

Next up, my most requested dish I make and an old family recipe… Pepperoni Bread.  This is so easy to make and is loved by all. All you need is pizza dough, pepperoni and cheese!!  The recipe will be at the end of the post.

Then a go-to artichoke dip with homemade crustini.  You can make this the night before and pop it in the oven 20 minutes before people arrive.  (This recipe will be posted at the bottom).

Last but not least hummus and olive tapenade with veggies and pita bread.  Honestly, I haven’t found a hummus recipe that I love yet, there are a million out there for you to try.  The olive tapenade came from a friend as wedding gift (sorry, I’m simply not ready to share it yet).

This was the perfect amount of food for the party and just enough leftovers for me to bring to work the next day!

Now that we have great clothes and we’re fed (plus enjoying some cocktails) let’s play with makeup.


This isn’t your mama’s Mary Kay. There are so many options and it’s all about skincare.  Erica (our Mary Kay Consultant) walked through what your beauty routine should be.


It was great that you got to sample every product she talked about.  What a treat to be able to try before you buy.  After feeling pampered it was time to check out all the great options for lips, blushes and eye shadows.

It was a great night with fun fashion, great beauty and even better  friends!!  Leave me a message if you’re interested in having a party for LulaRoe or Mary Kay!

Here are the recipes:

Pepperoni Bread


Pizza Dough (You can just use the pillsbury stuff or sometimes I get crazy and make my own)


Mozzarella Cheese

Italian Seasoning

Olive OIl


Preheat oven to 420 degrees.  Roll dough out… layer pepperoni and then cheese. Roll up (I put a little bit of water on the ends and where the end of the roll meets the rest of the dough just to “seal” it).  Then drizzle olive oil over the top and spring Italian seasoning over it.  Put in the oven for 20 minutes.  Just be careful to watch that the bottom doesn’t burn.  Every oven is different so if yours runs hot then just check at 15 minutes.  Then let cool for 5 minutes.

You can make it the night before then just reheat it and serve with marinara sauce.  Or you can prep it the night before and then just toss in the oven before you’re ready to serve.

Artichoke Dip


1 Cup of Mayo

2 Cans of Artichokes

1/4 Cup of Mozzarella

1/4 Cup of Cheddar

1/4 Cup of Swiss

pinch of Onion Powder

Pinch of Garlic Powder

French’s Fried Onions


Combined all the ingredients except the fried onion in a large mixing bowl.  Add to an oven friendly dish than sprinkle the fried onions over top and put in the oven at 350 degrees for about 20 minutes or until the sides are bubbling.  I serve it with crustini but pita chip and veggies work too.

Have a happy shoe day!!!