One Outfit 4 Ways

The favorite accessory I own are my shoes.  I know, you’re not shocked by this.  But to prove that all you need is a great pair of shoes to change an outfit up I took a simple outfit and simply changed out the shoes (and scarf).

Original Outfit:

Original Outfit

I took a white top, blazer and a pair of skinny black pants and created 4 different outfits.

Ballet Flats

First up, we’re going more casual for this one.  I used a graphic scarf to brighten the look and then added a pair of flats {$22} to complete the look.  These are primarily black but the textured flats brighten the look up. There is also blue, silver and white within the flat.  Although this look is casual the shoes keep it bright!

Burgundy BootiesNext, let’s add a little bootie {$25}!  Change out the scarf for a floral one that had the same burgundy color in it as the booties.  Wine colors are perfect for this time of year. Even though these are flats the fact that they are booties add some extra sass which is my goal a lot of times.

Wedge Booties

Now for a little height!  We’re going tan for the accent color here.  I added wedge booties {$35} and paired it with a pink leopard print scarf. A wedge shoe is perfect when you have to be dressed up all day but you don’t love heels.

Black and tan booites

Last, but not least! I’m adding a little edge to this look. Creating the sleek look by adding a black knit scarf with the blank and tan booties {$45}.  These booties add an edge to any outfit.  The thicker heel creating a more comfortable fit so you can wear them all day without your feet hurting.

I hope this inspired you to use your shoes more as accessories!

As always have a Happy Shoe Day!

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