Best of April Shoe Report!

In honor of May 1st this Shoe Report is looking back at my favorite outfits in April!!  Tell me which outfit was your favorite?

Monday, April 6th:


Shoes: I love these blue shoes.  They’re a great way to add a pop of color with out going over the top.  Also, if you have blue accents in any of your clothes these will bring them out for sure.  I got these beautiful blue shoes at Opitz Outlet, this is the place to go and my favorite part is their clearance section.

Outfit: I’m calling the outfit 50 Shades of blue! Between the blue jeans, blue shirt and blue shoes.  The jeans are my Express ones that I got from Arc’s Value Village.  Let me tell you, if you don’t have a ton of time heading there with a personal stylist appointment is the way to shop!  You don’t spend too much money and you save time; that’s a win win!  The shirt, I believe, is from Nordstrom… it was a gift from my mother-in-law.  I added orange earring that I got from Target just so it was so blue.

Tuesday, April 7th:


Shoes: These classic pumps are just beautiful, I always get so many compliments when I wear them.  These are from my favorite place to buy shoes

Outfit: Okay, since outside isn’t screaming spring I thought I could scream spring with my outfit.  The dress is from Lularoe and it is so fun and comfortable.  I love that this dress has so much character that you don’t need to add too much more.  Of course, I want to take it to the next level. The scarf and tights are from Target along with the leopard print belt.  Since I’ve challenged myself to mix prints I’m loving it!

Wednesday, April 16th:


Shoes: I absolutely love these booties!!  I love how they completed this look and I got them from my favorite place

Outfit: I’m loving this skirt!  It’s from LulaRoe and I just couldn’t wait to wear it.  I kept this look simple with a t-shirt from Target and just let the skirt shine!

Friday, April 18th: 


Shoes: I’m loving the that the mule style shoe is coming back,  I got another pair in the mail this week.  I just love these leopard print from

Outfit: For me, its all about the shoes for this outfit so I kept it simple.  The jeans are from Silverand the sweater is from Target!

Thursday, April 23rd:


Shoes: Yes, its true!  Flats again for me… still feeling the burn for my work out.  I love these simple black flats from  I don’t wear flats much but when I do I’m probably wearing these.

Outfit: I’m so in love with this outfit!  There is a boutique in New Mexico that I follow on instagram call Trinton Boutique and I just love there stuff.  I finally ordered this anchor tank (rumor has it they still have a couple in stock) and could wait to wear it.  I was going to wear it this weekend then I decided I could totally dress this up.  So I added my white pants from H&M and then my favorite blazer from MODE in Roseville, MN and BAM I got to wear my new fun tank top to work!

Thanks for visiting and have a happy shoe day! And don’t forget to pay it forward!

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