Best of March 2015

March has gone by so quickly this year!  It was a month of crazy weather.  In the beginning we we’re up to the 70’s and then we had a snow storm and temps in the 40’s. Let’s take a look back at some of my favorite outfits from March?  Do you agree or is there an outfit I missing on the list? Can’t wait to hear from you!

Tuesday, March 10th: 

Tuesday Shoe

Shoes: The simple yet sassy black pumps are from Aldo and a birthday present from a dear friend.  I love that these are classic black but with beautiful detail with the angled front.

Tuesday Outfit

Outfit: This was such a fun outfit for me. These high-waist wide leg pants are from a boutique in Minneapolis that has sadly closed.  I don’t wear these much but when I do they add such a statement to the outfit.  The green blouse and blazer is from another local boutique here in Minnesota, Primp.

Wednesday, March 18th 


Shoes: HELLO LOVER!! Spring is coming (I mean, it is coming isn’t it?!) and I’ll have to put the boots away soon!  I had to get one more sassy outfit in with these over the knee gray boots that are


Outfit:  This outfit screams fall but I thought its still sassy and I went with it!  The pants are from MODE is Roseville and the sweater I found when cleaning my room (yes, my closet is a room).  I got it last fall at Target.

Thursday, March 19th


Shoes: These are more than just shoes they are weapons!!  I got these years ago and I honestly don’t remember where.  I can’t wear them too often because when I walk too fast I kick myself and end up bleeding.  What ladies do for fashion! I do love these though, so spunky!


Outfit: For this outfit what I did was folded my cardigan (that I got from Target) over the dress (that I got from Primp). Then added the belt so it looked like this is out the outfit was suppose to go.  I got this idea from Primp last summer and I just love it! The belt and leggings are also from Target.

Wednesday, March 25th 

Wednesday's Shoes

Shoes: NEW SHOES ALERT!!! I’ve been waiting to find a pair of beautiful floral pumps.  I love the the background color is black with bright floral color.  I just got these in the mail from


Outfit: This was a fun outfit for me to put together. I’m ready for nice weather so I decided to go with a bold color tight that I got from Target.  The dress is also from Target and is extremely comfortable.  I always love putting a dress on because putting the outfit together is so quick and easy.

Thursday, March 26th


Shoes: I have a confession… The heels of these shoes are starting to fade a little so as a embarrassed mom I’m just showing you the pretty part.  With my neon themed outfit I just had to wear these.  I got them from a outlet store than is no longer in business.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE these shoes!

THURSDAY OUTFITOutfit: All about the neon! I love my LulaRoe skirt and with the neon yellow detail I had to pair it with other neon clothes. The tank is from Target and the blazer is from Primp!  If you want to have a LulaRoe party send me a message for more information.

I hope I’ve inspired you with this walk down memory lane!  Don’t miss a post… be sure to follow Happy Shoe Day!! and as always have a Happy Shoe Day!

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