Shoe Report 12/15/14 – 12/19/14

This week was all about the booties… The shorter boot not the behind!

Monday, December 15th: 


Shoes: I love these booties I got from Primp! They’re my go to booties for really any outfit.


Outfit: This outfit screams Monday to me! The cardigan and tank are from Target. The jeans are silver jeans and the scarf is from Primp. Primp always has great scarves.

Tuesday, December 16th:


Shoes: These Steve Maddens as you can tell I got years ago on clearance at Marshalls. I love these so much and never want to get rid of them but after seeing them through the lense of a camera they aren’t looking so good.


Outfit: I love adding color through cardigans yet I normally buy black or grays ones. This outfit reminds me to buy color! The cardigan is from Kohl’s; the tank is from Primp. The pants are from Old Navy and the necklace is from Target.

Wednesday, December 17th:


Shoes: These beauties I need to wear more! I got these from Sole Society. It’s another online shoe club that’s a little more expensive than just fab but has great shoes. I dont normally love zippers on boots but I like that these zippers are necessary and an accessory.


Outfit: I needed a comfy outfit for this hump day. The tunic is from Marshalls. The scarf is from Corset Styling and the jeans are from Target.

Thursday, December 18th:

Shoes: These I got for a shoe party a friend had! I have to say more people should have shoe parties. I can’t remember the company that does them sadly!


Outfit: The sweater is from Kohl’s. The dress underneath, leggings and belt is from Target!

Friday I wore pajamas and slippers that didn’t match! It was a sick day for me.

Happy Shoe Day! 

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