Shoe Report 11/17/14 – 11/21/14

The Winter household have had some additions to our collection this week!

One of of the many questions I get is where does my husband keep his shoes? Don’t worry I save a little corner of my closet for him right by my jewelry!



The shoes you don’t see here is his new addition to his workout bag! Check out these Nike cross trainers from DSW. What makes me so happy is that he used a $20 off coupon!! Be sure to sign up the their reward card and you’ll get coupons in the mail at least once a month. Check out more information here!

josh sneakers

Josh isn’t the only one who added a pair to the collection. Remember last week when I told you I needed to order my new snow boots?! THEY ARRIVED!! Check out theses beauties!!


Now let’s get to what I wore this week…

I’m going to skip Monday, it wasn’t my best look!

Tuesday, November 18th:
Shoes: I got these sassy boots from DSW only a couple of weeks ago. I love that they jazz up any outfit.

Outfit: The sweater is from Target and there is 1 day left on cartwheel to save on Mossimo sweaters and jackets. And the pants I got for $12 when Aeropostale was going out of business. And the scarf I got at Walmart

Wednesday, November 19th:
Shoes: I got these amazing booties from just I saved all my reward points and got them for free.

Outfit: This long sweater is from Kohls, one of my favorite places to shop! The gray long dress tank top is from a Minnesota boutique; Mainstream Boutique. Leggings is from Target.

Thursday, November 20th:

Shoes: These funky booties is from, these are great for skinny jeans!

Outfit: Those boot cut jeans are from (yes, they have clothes too). The top I got from Kohls and this scarf is present from my mom; she got it in a boutique in Woodstock, NY (Thanks mom).

Friday, November 21st: 

Friday 1121

Shoes: These “scotch tape heels” that many people have dubbed the is from Marshalls!

Outfit: I got those gray pants so long ago that I don’t remember and the sweater is from Kohls

Happy Shoe Day!!!

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